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Various Artists

"Waltzes, Glitches & Brass: The New Sounds of Vaudeville"

Label: Eventide Music Productions



"Waltzes, Glitches & Brass: The New Sounds of Vaudeville" is an *outstanding* compilation that you should invest your time, attention and money in right now.

Other compilations have looked at contemporary vaudeville/cabaret before but none has so wisely investigated the electronic/dance elements the way this collection does. The end result is something that looks back but is still shiny, sexy and modern.
It isn't all electronic based but that just gives this set more strength, proving that more variety is a very good thing.

What I particularly love is the mix of well know established artists mixed with those that were new to me. You have greats like Beats Antique, Circus Contraption and Vagabond Opera matched with up-and-comers like the Destroyers and new-to-me bands like Analogik.
"Waltzes, Glitches & Brass: The New Sounds of Vaudeville" is a treasure trove of sound.

If I have one, minor, caveat it is that the vintage pieces present here as entr'actes are not presented in their entirety. It's is such a tease to just hear samples of these strange classics... but perhaps that's the point. It could be that Eventide Music Productions are just tempting us for a future release of the material.

This set may be Required Listening.

Very Highly Recommended.


Waltzes, Glitches & Brass: The New Sounds of Vaudeville~




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