Album Review: Salty Pajamas

Album Review: Salty Pajamas

Salty Pajamas

Salty PajamasLP/CD

Off Label Records

Instrumentation wise (with the presence of banjo, blues harp, kazoo and glockenspiel) Salty Pajamas are most akin to country/Americana roots music. But, with the low-fi ruckus they boys bring to their songs they’re more closely related to (folk) punk bands like Ramshackle Glory and This Bike is a Pipe Bomb.

That being said, the recorded-in-a-haunted-bathroom vocals have a melancholic twang which means Salty Pajamas will always have a country feel that can’t be ignored.

Good stuff.

Favorite track: “Alligators”, probably because of of the nifty way singer Jonas pronounces “Al-eeee-gate-ers”

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