Album Review: V is for Villains ​Evolve or Die

Album Review: V is for Villains Evolve or Die

V is for Villains

Evolve or Die CD

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V is for Villains is an industrial wielding group of self-styled baddies hailing from Chicago. Instead of terrorizing the public by robbing banks or hassling little old ladies they do it by dominating stages with their skillfully played electronic hard rock while sporting steampunk-influenced stage gear.

I haven’t listened to a lot of industrial in the last few years (not since abandoning my post manning the decks at the local Ye Olde Spookie Club) but I know that the tunes on Evolve or Die  grab my attention and hold  it. Perhaps it’s because the Villains are wise enough to match the urgency of the electronic keyboards with pummeling live drums. They also keep the tempo varied so they don’t settle into a rut, keeping things interesting for 12 songs while working with a traditional industrial palette is a challenge for any band.

Luckily V is for Villains has some really nice vocal work that makes them stand out from the other industrial acts that have sent me albums in the last few years, it may be the vocals that keep me coming back to listen to these tracks.

With the focus on vocals and the rock drumming V is for Villains is more of a big, ballsy electronic rock band than purveyors of dance floor stomp, you’re more likely to nod your head and pump your fist than dance around the room while listening to Evolve or Die.

I do get the impression that we’re just hearing the start of the band. The album’s title seems to hint that the group has more in mind than just resting on their industrial laurels, which is a good thing.

Suggested tracks:

The back to back/one-two punch of “Everybody Hates Me” and “Rise Above”.

V is for Villains~

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