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Artist: The Magnificent Seven

CD: "The Broken Hearted Show"

Label: Self Released


Sweden's The Magnificent Seven were one of the first "new" bands I discovered when Sepiachord went live over four years ago. They were, in effect, exactly what I was looking for.

The Magnificent Seven take "old timey" music and stand it on its head and SHAKE until strange and wondrous things rain from history's pockets. Bits of blues, waltz, tango, americana, folk, cabaret and rock littered the ground like broken teeth and broken glass.

From these bits of musical detritus/shrapnel The Magificent Seven made a golem of sound. A shadowy, haunted take on pre-modern song arrangement that twists americana into a retro-fitted world music and dissects the Grand Guignol into cabaret macabre where suicide may actually become art. Then they're wily enough to add just enough rock to give their songs bite.

"The Broken Hearted Show" is beautiful and sad, tragic and multi-faceted. It is old and markedly contemporary. It's wonderful and exactly what I've been looking forward.

Highly Recommended.



The Magnificent Seven~!/pages/The-Magnificent-Seven/9736247750


Disclosure: The Magnificent Seven appear on the Sepiachord curated CD; "A Sepiachord Passport".




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