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Artist: Nathaniel Johnstone and the Brazilian Surf Mafia

CD: "Live at the Columbia City Theater"

Label: Self Released


Seattle area multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone focuses on violin with a bit of mandolin on this live EP recorded in October of 2009. To this the rest of the "Brazilian Surf Mafia" add bass, drums and non-lyrical vocals.

The result is flowing, world-music inspired, throughly accessible rock (notice the little "r" used here).
Paul Mayden's solid bass work gives the songs an earthy yet *almost* funky feel. Mel's voice floats in and out of the piece infusing the collection with an other-worldly feel. Because of these inputs "Live at the Columbia City Theater" is more honestly "psychedelic" than any tedious neo-jam band.

Nice production, too. If it weren't for the (well-deserved) cheers between the numbers I wouldn't know this was a live album.

Favorite track: "Scarlet Carpet Interstate, Part One". Looking forward to "Part Two", and an entire full length from this ensemble.

Classic, though pointless, psuedo-American Bandstand summation:
"I give it an 8 out of 10. It's got a good beat and I can dance to it."




Nathaniel Johnstone:




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