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DIY Vintage Ladies hairstyling



courtesy of Creative Hairshaping
and Hairstyling by Ivan of Hollywood


The Basic Curl

There are two basic curls- the pin curl and the sculpture curl. Both pin curls and sculpture curls are composed of two sections:

BASE: The beginning of the curl. The base indicates the direction the curl takes.

LOOPS: The number of loops to make a curl depends on the size of the curl, the thickness of the hair, and the length of the hair.


Pin curl

This basic curl is by far the most commonly used and is the easiest to do. It is made by winding strands of hair around the finger. Each loop is outside of the last loop and the ends of the hair are on the outside of the curl.



Sculpture Curl

The sculpture curl is the finest curl known and is used by all master hairstylists. It follows the natural tendancy of the hair, stays in longer, and the finished effect is more beautiful and professional looking than any other type of curl.

The chief characteristics of the sculpture curl are: each loop is inside of the last loop, and the ends of the hair are on the inside of the curl. Step-by-step instructions showing how the sculpture curl is made will be given [in a furture blog].

The author prefers and encourages the use of the sculpture curl, but if you choose to use the pin curl, or any other type of curl, you are assured that the setting instructions in this volume will apply equally well to all kinds of curls.


Symbol for a Curl

For the sake of clarity and simplicity of instruction, the symbol shown here will be used throughout to denote a curl. The base immediately indicates the direction the curl takes. Whenever you see the symbols for curls you will notice that they are numbered. It is important that you make the curls in the order numbered as this prevents the completed curls from getting in the way while you work.


How curls are made from blocks of hair

The First Step

Part a block of hair about an inch square. (Blocks may be made either larger or smaller if desired). The dotted lines denote the blocks.

The Second Step

Now mold the hair in the block into a curl and secure it with hairpins or bobby pin until dry.

It wil be noted that the curls are not placed in the centre of the blocks. The hair purposely overlaps the blocks in order that all the hair will be curling in the same direction, thus preventing any buckling in the finished detail.



Overlapping Curls

In many cases where curls follow the ridge of a wave, the curls will overlap because the hair is long or thick. This drawing shows how the overlapping curls ("1" through "6") are made from blocks one-forth of an inch from the ridge. Notice that these blocks are a little less than one inch deep.

When making overlapping curls it is imperative that you make the curls in the order numberd so the completed curls will not be in the way while you work.




Coming Soon: Vinatage hairstyles using hese basic curls.







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