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Artist: Franka De Mille

CD: "Bridge the Roads"

Label: Self Released


On her strong debut Franka De Mille finds a comfortable home somewhere between singer-songwriter folk and baroque pop.

The songs on "Bridge the Roads" have a humble soul and are more than occasionally melancholy. This down-to-earthness is all well and good, and is sure to appeal to fans of the singer-songwriter side of the equation, but I think De Mille shines most when the instrumentation is more complex (as on "So Long" and "Gare du Nord", my favorite track found on this CD). Franka has a good voice, but the additional instruments seems to counterpoint her vocal stylings in a way that the more simple songs do not.

"Bridge the Roads" is an intriguing debut, and my gut tells me that we're just hearing the beginning of Franka De Mille.

Franka De Mille~




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