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Spring & summer fashion catalogue, H O'Neill & Co. 1898


Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling by Charles Godfrey Leland Downloadable book [1891]




Sepiachord's Field Guide: Ladies Collars and Cuffs Catalog from 1900


Download "Manners, Culture and dress of the best American Society" from 1894 by Richard Wells



A Photo Essay of Bat Country, Ashia Grzesik, Blvd Park. Fri, August 12, 2011



A Photo Essay of Heroes for Hire Tour: Jefferson Death Star with Rev Lee Peters of Success! And Arms Like Cables at the Galway August 5, 2011



A Photo Essay of Gearcon, Portland, OR July 22-24, 2011



A Photo Essay of Abney Park, Studio 7, July 9, 2011



A Photo and Video Essay of The Georgetown Carnival, June 11, 2011




A Photo Essay of University District Street Fair May 21st 2011, Seattle WA




Photo Essay of Scarring Party and Toy Box Trio at Empty Sea Studio on April 22, 2011



Video: "Burn Your House Down" by Peculiar Pretzelmen



Corpus Callosum @ The Can Can Video Essay



A photo essay of Those Darn Accordions at Oktoberfest


A Photo essay of The San Diego Comic-Con and the Chronoaut's League of Temporal Adventurer's First Society Gala



A photo essay of SATURDAY at the Steampunk Worlds Fair May 15, 2010



A photo essay of FRIDAY at the Steampunk Worlds Fair May 14, 2010



Photo Essay of The Unwoman CD release show by Stopped Motion Photography




Photo Essay of Toy Box Trio at Seattle Art Museum



Photo essay of the Sepiachord CD Benefit Show 3/38/10




Toy Box Trio's CD release party photo essay!



Sepiachord's Field Guide: Book resource: Clothing Patterns for men, women and children : Thompson's Universal System, by Mrs. F. E. Thompson, c.1899



Sepiachord's Field Guide: Book resource: Fancy dresses described : or, What to wear at fancy balls ([1887]) Author: Holt, Ardern



Photo essay of the Steampunk Exhibition Ball 12-5-09



Sunday, The Finale! Photo essay up for the International Cabaret festival!



Saturday Photo essay up for the International Cabaret festival!



The beginning of the photo essays and coverage of the International Cabaret Festival, Seattle 11/6-15/09



A photo essay of The Caba-Rock Revue @ The Jewelbox Theater, Seattle: Robert Rial and Bakelite 78, The Scarlet Room, Adrian H and the Wounds, 8-22-09



A photo essay of Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra, Robert Rial's Bakelite 78, Rainbow of the Can Can Castaways 7/14, Columbia City Theatre


A Photo Essay of Skeleton Closet Cabaret 7-11 2009 featuring Superfluous, Blackbird Orchestra and Nathaniel Johnstone



A Photo Essay of Clang Bang Cabaret © Daniel McManus 2009



A Photo Essay of Clang Bang Cabaret & the Steampunk Soiree in Seattle 5-22/23-09



A Photo Essay of Voltaire and Adrian H and the Wounds at El Corozon in Seattle 4-3-09 4-22-09


A Photo Essay of Rasputina and Ruby Throat at Neumos in Seattle 3-23-09 4-8-09


A Photo Essay a of Serendipity Musik/Serena Tideman, Sxip Shirley and Jason Webley at the VERA project, Seattle, WA 3-21-09 4-1-09


A Clockwork Heart photos 2-24-09


A Steampunk Photoshoot @ The Georgetown Steamplant Museum 12-13-08 12-18-08


A Photo Essay of the Whiskey Romance's CD Release party at Conor Byrne, Seattle 11-29-08


A Photo Essay of Alyse Black at The Triple Door Musicquarium in Seattle, WA 11-19-08


A Photo Essay & Show Review: 9/26/08 Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys CD Release Party with: Vermillion Lies and Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band


A Photo Essay of Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA 10-1-08


More Photos of Hellblinki Sextet @ the Bit, Ballard, WA August 8, 2008-10-1-08


Sepiachord's Field Guide - Lady Adderly's "A Time Traveller's guide to victorian era Tea Etiquette" 9-26-08


A Photo Essay of The Fog People in Seattle, WA August 31, 2008-9-12-08


A Photo Essay of The KJX Steampunk Party Fremont, WA 9-3-08- 9-12-08


A Photo Essay of Hellblinki Sextet @ the Bit, Ballard, WA August 8, 2008-8-13-08


A Photo Essay of 127 @ the Funhouse, Seattle June 22, 2008-7-2-08


A photo essay & review of "Mischief in the Machine, a circus folktale - 6-1-08


A Photo Essay of Jill Tracy, Paul Mercer & Palodine @ the Jewelbox Theater, Seattle April 1 -4-2-08


A Photo Essay of Vermillion Lies Mar 6 @ the Can Can, Seattle -3-12-08


A Photo Essay of Creature Feature, Feburary 17 Studio 7, Seattle -2-27-08


An interview with Miss Oblivious, a skilled artisan -2-13-08


A Photo Essay of "The Breaking"-- Opening Night @ The Can Can, Seattle -1-30-08


Sepiachord's Field Guide - Pages from the 'London Academy of Gentlemen's Hairdressing' 1-23-08


A Tribute to Tom Waits Photo Essay / Sepiachord Sweeny Todd Outing -12-14-07


The Painted Saints Photo Essay -11-7-07


Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys take over Seattle Photo Essay -11-7-07


Amanda Palmer & Estradasphere Photo Essay -11-7-07


ReverbFest Photo Essay featuring: The Bad Things, "Awesome" & Shane Tutmarc & the Traveling Mercies -10-10-07


Sepiachord's Field Guide - basic hair information for men & women + Men's hat sizes 9-26-07


Golden Robot Army CD Release Show Photo Essay with guests: The Scarlet Room & Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta -8-29-07


Sepiachord's Field Guide - do-it-yourself Compass + Other links 8-8-07


Sepiachord's Field Guide to appropriate dress - do-it-yourself Goggles 8-1-07


Stolen Sweets, Sasspirilla Jug Band & Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta Show Photo Essay -7-4-07


Sepiachord Maiden Voyage C13 6-21-07


Jill Tracy Photo Essay - Show Review 5-27-07


The Filthy Whores Photo Essay - Show Review 2-18-07


Vintage Voltage Expo 2-14-07


Dark Industry Clothing 2-14-07






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