Antiquated Sexual Terms~

Antiquated Sexual Terms~

from 11 Points:


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algolagnia – a sexual tendency where one derives sexual pleasure and stimulation from physical pain

backgammon playera man who has gay sex

blow the grounsilsto have sex on the floor

bastardly gullionthe bastard son of a bastard

Carvel’s ringa woman’s genitalia

cottager – one who solicits sex in a public toilet

detumescence – the state of a non-erect penis

dog’s rigto have sex until you’re tired, then turn and run the other way

Frenchifiedinfected with venereal disease

grass sandwich – sex outdoors

houghmagandy – sexual intercourse, generally adulterous in nature

lechercraft – an act of promiscuity; modern: a one-night stand

lobcocka large, unerect penis

make a coffee house of a woman’s cunt – withdrawing from sex before ejaculation

playing at rantum-scantumhaving sex

public ledgera prostitute

rantalliona person whose scrotum is so relaxed it hangs lower than his penis

slam like a dunny door in a gale – a quick sexual encounter

St. George and the dragon – sex with the woman on top of the man

tribadism – non-penetrative sex between two women

warming pan – a mistress

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