Insomniac Folklore’s new vinyl album, Everything Will Burn~ kickstarter

Insomniac Folklore’s new vinyl album, Everything Will Burn~ kickstarter

“Nomadic Gypsy-Americana act to release their first vinyl record, exploring themes both personal and apocalyptic in all-new songs.

Dearest Folklore Family, Friends, and Enthusiasts of all sorts:

We are immensely pleased to announce our latest project, entitled, Everything will Burn. This is a collection of intense and personal songs for us, exploring themes of prophecy, destiny, love, and the apocalypse. In a way, it is a meditation on history and our place in it. We intend to release this album on 12″ vinyl, with a subsequent digital release several months later. Many of you have asked us for vinyl over the years, and we feel that this is the right project to be our first record release.

Our goal for this project is $2,800. I feel this number bears some explanation. We have been investing in quality recording equipment and conspiring together with talented friends to assemble a home recording studio worthy of the rich sound vinyl offers. The result should be a recording of exceptional quality at modest cost. The money we raise at this time will go toward mastering, fees and the actual cost of pressing and packaging records.

We intend to record the album this winter, in order to release it in the spring. Your pre-orders delight us, but we will also work extra hard to make sure you receieve other rewards you may request in time for Christmas, if you like.

All orders will include digital download the the album.

Planned Track List:

1. Everything Will Burn

2. Feet In The Earth

3. Moses

4. Black Widow

5. I’m Gonna Live Until I Die

6. Have You Seen My Girl

7. (as of yet, Untitled)

8. (as of yet, Untitled)

Risks and challenges

As we haven’t begun recording yet, the biggest risk for delay in this endeavor is that we won’t get the sound we want at first, and it may take longer than anticipated to achieve the quality recording we desire. However, we are prepared to work through these obstacles to deliver a record we can be proud of.

We intend to have the records manufactured by a Portland-based company. Obviously there is little we can do to avoid unforeseen delays in manufacturing, but the relatively close location should aid communication and help us avoid surprises.”

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