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An interview with Rhubarb Whiskey 2-29-12


An Interview with Robert Rial of Bakelite 78 2-6-12


An Interview with The Extraordinary Contraptions 1-13-12


An Interview with Don Rosler 11-18-11


An Interview with Captain Robert of Abney Park 8-18-11



An Interview with Not Waving But Drowning 7-8-11



An interview with Ando Ehlers - 5-13-11



An Interview with Betty Widerski of Reverse Polish Notation and Ginger Ibex 5-4-11



An Interview with The Mongrel Jews - 4-6-11


An Interview with Eli August - 1-16-11


An Interview with Mark Rossmore, Escape the Clouds - 1-18-11


An interview with Hunter Robertson 11-4-10


Sepiachord's Mr. Bodewell Interviewed by City Arts Magazine (Seattle) - 11-4-10


Sepiachord's Mr Bodewell Interviewed on Trial By Steam - 10-28-10


An interview with Jill Tracy 9-16-10


An interview with Olive of Aeon Now 8-5-10


An interview with SkyCaptain Cedric "Greyhawk" Whittaker and 1st 1st Officer Dr. Jasper Ashton... of the Airship Isabella 12-30-09


An Interview of Sepiachord's Jordan Block by 8-13-09


An Interview with The Midnight Serenaders7-1-09


Catching up with Vernian Process 5-6-09


An Interview with Ghostfire 2-18-09


An Interview with Devil's Ruin Records 1-28-09


An Interview with The Unextraordinary Gentlemen11-26-08


An Interview with Emmett Davenport/DJ Mouse 11-12-08


An Interview with The Bad Things 10-30-08


An Interview with Voltaire 10-22-08


An Interview with The Voodoo Organist 9-24-08


Seven Questions for Katrina Whitney of Palodine 9-10-08


The Ditty Bops 8-20-08


Life Towards Twilight 7-23-08


Emporer Norton's Stationary Marching Band 6-26-08


Jackson Del Rey 6-4-08


Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls 3-26-08


Walter Sickert & Edrie of the Army of Broken Toys 2-20-08


Miss Oblivious 2-13-08


Video Interview of Melora Creager of Rasputina by Laura Goldberg 12-12-07


Christian Williams 11-14-07




Jackson Del Rey 5-23-07


The Scarring Party 1-10-07


Vernian Process 12-19-06







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