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Artist: Psyche Corporation

CD: "Pretend"

Label: Self Released


Psyche Corporaton play theatrical (occasionally almost histrionic), industrial tinged, rock that I can best describe as "steampunk friendly". On their third outing, "Pretend", the music positively drips texture and drama.

There's quite a bit going on here: from the baroque pop influences found on "Wonderland" and "End of the World (People Say)" to the neo-metal, schizophrenic rock of "Minor Demon" to the disco-y "Get Down". The end result is less cyberpunk than heavy-duty electro-pop.

Luckily vocalist Genevieve Yang has the range for all of this, it's her voice that makes the music fly. It's her voice that that could easily find its way into mainstream pop music. Thankfully her musical vision is too beautifully fractured for this to happen any time soon.


Psyche Corporation:





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