Steampunk Music Bundle

Steampunk Music Bundle~

The Steampunk Music Bundle

For $2 Minimum You Get

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Steam-Powered Orchestra

by Michaël Ghelfi

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by This Way To The Egress

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The Circus At The End Of The World

by Abney Park

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Instrumental Collection Vol. 2

by Escape The Clouds


A Child’s Bestiary

by Valentine Wolfe


The Iron Terror (Single Collection)

by The Clockwork Dolls


Dragonfall (Single)

by The Clockwork Dolls


Once Upon A Time (In Space)

by The Mechanisms


The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera

by Paul Shapera


Fairy Tales for the Lost and Wandering

by Paul Shapera

Bonus Section

As promotion goals are achieved, bonuses are unlocked for everyone.



Fairy Tales for the Lost and Wandering

by Paul Shapera




DJ Panix vs the Golden Mean – Aug 22nd Playlist

DJ Panix vs the Golden Mean – Aug 22nd Playlist

Dresden Dolls: Dirty Business
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same
The Vanishing: Glass is Falling
The Church of Abject Sorrow: … And the Choir Sings
Corrosion of Conformity: Brand New Sleep
12 Rounds: Sunshine
Twisted Sister: The Kids Are Back
Veil: Estat
Einsturzende Neubauten: Negativ Nein
Morphine: I Know You, Part II
Reverse Cowgirls: Professional Feeder
Mudhoney: Check-Out Time
Muffs: Nothing
Econochrist: Any Questions?
Violent Femmes: Fat
Pickled Okra: Mattie Hackett
Minor Threat: I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Urge Overkill: Bottle of Fur
Rasputina: Children’s Reform Center
Danzig: liberskull
Abney Park: I Am Stretched on Your Grave
Foetus: Into the Light
Blackbird Raum: All That Praises Heaven
Four Easy Pieces: Friday at the Cha Cha
Pennywise: Open Door
Mynabirds: Buffalo Flower
Gene Chandler: Duke of Earl
The Doors: Five to One
Kent 3: The Changeling
Eliza Rickman: Lily Love
Life in a Blender: Good Answer
The Cure: Love Song
Red C: Pressure’s On
Patrick and Eugene: The Birds and the Bees
Wesley Willis: Candlebox
One Beer Prophet: Alone with the Ghosts
Nine Inch Nails: Burn (quiet)
MC Lars: Generic Crunk Rap
Thin Lizzy: Emerald
Split Lip Rayfield: Union Man
Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples: Tears in Vain
Steve Train & His Bad Habits: Bury Me Deep
The Pogues: Sally MacLennane
Atari Teenage Riot: Your Uniform (does not impress me)
Jefferson Death Star: The Biggest Bandage Ever Made
Loudness: Clockwork Toy
Neurosis: Under the Surface
Executive Slacks: Fire and Ice
Unwoman: Neophile
REM: Hairshirt
Success: Revolution Schmevolution
Brown Bird: Bottom of the Bottle
BJ Morris Zonkie: All My Dreams Come True
UK Subs: Teenage
Plimsouls: Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal
Rebel Waltz: Junk Box
Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: Pop Song
Big City Orchestra: Another Day
The Motors: Dancing the Night Away
U2: The Fly
Mad Maggies: Shake Those Bones
Velvet Underground: Jesus
Orion Rigel Dommisse: Cave
Vangelis: Blush Response
Finks: Cecilia Ann
Ventures: Fugitive
The Scarring Party: Follow It Down
Bowie: The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
Madness: John Jones
Lustmord: Purge (banishing)
This Way to the Egress: Flirtin’ with Death

DJ Panix 6-16-16 playlist~

DJ Panix 6-16-16 playlist~

Firewater: Live in Seattle Oct 1 2012~
Firewater: Too Much (Is Never Enough)
Lou Reed: Think It Over
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine: Electronic Plantation
Loudmouths: Code Red
Reverend Glasseye: Blood ‘o Lambs
Corrosion of Conformity: Tarquinius Superbus
Eddie Cochran: Hallelujah! I Love Her So
Residents: He Also Serves
Dana Hart & Genie Loser: The Man Who Struck It Rich in the Klondike
EBN: Behavior Modification/We Will Rock You
Life in a Blender: Mamanna
Bloodhag: Henry Kutner & CL Moore
Black Velvet Flag: Code Blue
Subhumans: Firing Squad
Gunner’s Daughter: Dead On
Toxic Lounge: Breaking Test
Katzenjammer Kabarett: Percy has returned (the story of Percy, 3rd & last part)
Parasites: Dennis’ Excellent Haircut
Meathead: Large American Jaw
Danzig: Kiss the Skull
Pinebox Serenade: The Lash
Blondie: Sunday Girl
Jerry’s Kids: No Time
LaDonnas: Destruction Man
Dinosaur Truckers: Black Ship
The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus: Quick Joey Small
Nkansah & Yaanom: Peri Dwe
Ando Ehlers: Bastard’s Lullaby
Quinn Scharber & the…: Eye for a Camera
Alice Cooper: I’ll Still Be
Ghost: Monstrance Clock
Sad Bastard Book Club: The Sewer Rat Jamboree
Armando Trovajol: Who’s My Wife’s Lover?
Husker Du: Gilligan’s Island
Toy Dolls: Dougy Giro
Pan Pan: Calvin Frank Thomas
17 Pygmies: Celestina XI
The Fitness: Booty
Sleep Chamber: Anakonda
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Blue Angel
Patsy Cline: Back in Baby’s Arms
Schoolyard Heroes: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Umber Sleeping: Saturn Sequence
Rasputina: My Soul
Yaphet Kotto: Suffocate
Iggy Pop: Girls
J Marinelli: Now that You’ve Been Exposed
Jefferson Death Star: A Career Retrospective
Pastels: Been So Long
Hank Williams: Hey, Good Lookin’
National Wake: Speed It Up
Nathaniel Johnstone: Avi Solym
Sea of Tombs: Glass Sun
Sons of Hippies: The Soft Parade
Against All Authority: Pestilent Existence
Muzza Monroe & Lushous Strings: In Your Hand
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Kooler than Jesus
White Wrench Conservatory: Abacus & Tell
Screaming Headless Torsos: Running Black Water
Morphine: Test Tube Baby/Shoot ’em Down
James Brown: Think
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Who Do You Love
Success: Head for the Hills
Abney Park: The End of Days
The Alarm: The Deceiver
Brownsville Station: Mama Don’t Allow No Parkin’
Mother of Sorrows: The Dreary Day
Kim Vermillion: First the Bees…
Electric Kisses: Your Own Bad Day
Marginal Man: Missing Rungs
Nine Inch Nails: Eraser (polite)
Clare Fader: Isle of Summer
Terry Lee Hale: Dead Is Dead
Fishbone: And They Prey on You
The Humpers: (I’m) Watching You
The Gloria Darlings: Ghost Girl
Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man
The Cramps: Don’t Get Funny with Me
David Bowie: Song for Bob Dylan
This Way to the Egress: Hop Town

NONFICTION: A New Abney Park Music Collection

NONFICTION: A New Abney Park Music Collection

“NONFICTION: A New Abney Park Music Collection

Flying back from Abney Park’s 2016 Europe Tour, I was sick. Fever had me soaked in sweat, a still undiagnosed pain in my legs made it hard to walk, and a mysterious infection in my eyes left me almost completely blind. In fact, I could barely open my eyes at all. All I could do on the ten hour flight was take pain killers, try to sleep, and listen to music.

In this state I put together a playlist of Abney Park music that was unlike any other. It was a collection of the truest, most emotional songs. The songs right from the heart, not hidden behind metaphor, or fictional stories- songs that completely exposed the soul.

And while I listened to this collection, I drifted in and out of sleep, and in an out of another life. I dreamed myself onstage with a very un-Abney-Park band called “Nonfiction”. Over the years I’ve taken great pain from off handed comments about my music, things like “It’s just a bunch of silly stories, right?” The truth is, its not – its all deeply, painfully ripped from my life. So the appeal of being seen for the music, and not just for the outfits or the outrageous shows, is a strong one.

Upon returning home the music of this band “Nonfiction” still haunted me. It’s the Abney Park songs between the songs. Songs that would not fit into a collection of Steampunk, or a collection of Electroswing, or Gothic, or Post Apocalypse music. It’s the music of another band, from some
parallel universe in which I had never been involved in any subculture, and  simply wrote music from the heart.

Nonfiction features 13 songs, some you’ve heard, some you haven’t, and some that have never been released before today.


• Ripples of Epiphany
• Can’t Talk About It
• In Time
• Escape the Ground
• I’m Glad I Lost You
• Ancient World
• Night Train from Saint Petersburg
• Proteger Tus Sueños
• Not Silent
• Away from the Things of Man
• Tricked rhe Machine
• Whole Life Crisis
• Victoria
• Neither One Lets Go

Featuring Performances by:

• Robert Brown
• Kristina Erickson
• Jody Ellen
• Derek Brown
• Sky Warden
• Josh Goering
• Dan Cederman
• Titus Munteanu
• Michel Drury
• Carey Rayburn
• Jake Sele
• Erica Mulkey

Available at:

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week ending June 12th

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week ending June 12th

Absinthe Rose: Bread & Booze
Debo Band: Habesha
Fruit Jar Guzzlers: Steel Driving Man
Beausoleil: Travailler, c’est trop dûr
The Sweet Trade: Julie
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Cath & Phil Tyler: Bonnie George Campbell
Not Waving But Drowning: St Valentine’s Day
Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants: Here is the Sea
The Builders and The Butchers: The Snow
Aeon Now: King Cockroach
Edith Wilson: Rules & Regulations, signed Razor Jim
World/Inferno Friendship Society: Jeffrey Lee
Abney Park: The Ballad of Ranch Hand Robbie
Nathaniel Johnstone: Flyover Country
Adrian H & the Wounds: Dog Solitude
Chronilus: Longing
Jefferson Death Star: Hey, that’s MY Grisham

Out Now: Abney Park~ Wasteland

Out Now: Abney Park~ Wasteland

Abney Park have released their newest album: Wasteland

Songs include:

• The Clone Factories
• Wasteland Warrior
• Out Of Darkness
• Witch Hunt
• Walls
• Fell To My Knees
• Hired Gun
• The Prayer
• Away From The Things Of Man
…and more!

Check out their take on the American classic: “Minnie the Moocher”

Abney Park~ Live on King 5: Thursday Oct 29th

Abney Park will be Live on King 5’s New Day Northwest this Thursday, Oct 29

th at 11 am.

To reserve free tickets:

If you don’t live in the Seattle area and can’t watch this live, the video will be here:

“Thursday, this week, Abney Park will be performing live on King 5 TVs New Day Northwest, and you can come be a part of the studio audience, for free!!!

We’ll play some music, and they’ll interview us about being a steampunk band, and our new album coming up. And you can be there!

For free tickets, write to: Hit them up right now, while you are thinking about it! It’s the most fun you’ll have Thursday morning for free!

Or, if you can’t make it, watch us live. Show starts at 11:00, on channel 5. (or stream it here:

Abney Park in dispute with SoundsUp records~

Well known steampunk band Abney Park is in an open dispute with german record label SoundsUp over a vinyl release of of a collection of Abney Park’s songs.

The release is tentatively titled Retro-Future Vagabond.

Abney Park’s open letter may be found here:

SoundsUp responds here:


Abney Park’s Open Letter:

May 14 5:25 PM

ABNEY PARK RECORD SCAM: How a record label is stealing money from Abney Park, and stealing our music, then selling it to you.

Sounds Up Records in Germany originally suggested pressing a vinyl record of Abney Park’s music. In exchange for this, we had a pretty tiny deal; they would give us 75 copies, and $1000 bucks, and if we wanted further copies they would sell them to us “at fair price.” Abney Park agreed, it seemed easy and casual. I did all the artwork, and provided all the music, and waited to get a copy of the contracts. All they had to do was hand this to the record manufacturing company.

One day, (before they even had contracts drawn up), fans notified us the record label had already started selling these records! So I wrote to them and asked, “Hey, is this record already getting manufactured? I see you are selling copies. I wish you would have let us know about this!” They replied with, “Sure, it’ll be done at the end of the month. Go ahead and start pre-selling your copies, now.”

Remember: they started selling before we even had contracts drawn up! At that point we had just verbally agreed this is something we might do, be had no specifics worked out. And they started selling! (To date, there have been no contracts made between us.)

So we started pre-selling. We had to, otherwise everyone would just buy directly from them, and we would get nothing. I looked at their website, and saw they were selling copies at $19 each, so I set my prices at $19. (you could also get an autographed copy for $50, and many people bought that.)

At the end of the month, I called them and asked when the records will be shipped to us. They said, “Oh, actually next month.” At the end of the next month, they said, “Oh, there was a problem, it won’t be until the first of next year.” At the end of that time they said, “Oh, actually, maybe May.”

I started to get worried they didn’t have the money to press the records, so I said, “Hey, let me send you some money, since I know I’ll need more then 75 copies in the long run.” And I sent them $1375, hoping that would help get things moving.

It didn’t.

Now in May, Abney Park and our fans have waited for 8 months, so I wrote to them and said, “Hey, when is this going to be done? People are getting mad.” And that’s when they hit me with this news:

They are not going to press the records until I buy 250 copies from them at $28 euros each!

I said, “That’s ridiculous! That’s more than you are charging our fans for copies! Why don’t you just let me press my own copies here?” (That will still cost me thousands of dollars, but keep our fans somewhat happy, and that record label could still sell their copies. Easy win for everybody.).

To which they said, “If you don’t buy from us at $28 per record, if you press your own copies in the US, we are keeping the 75 copies we were giving to you as a deposit, and keep the $1375 you sent us to buy more copies!”


So at this point they are selling our music to you, and paying us nothing for it. They are also trying to get me to send them MORE money. Over $7000, but I’m not going to send them any more money. “Fool me once, your fault, fool me twice, and that’s on me.”

So I’m just going to have the records pressed here, and send them to you myself. This will cost me thousands of dollars, but you guys have waited long enough. Frankly, there is still a bit of a wait, as I have to start this whole manufacturing from scratch, and records are apparently slow to make.

To help smooth things over, anybody who’s ordered so far will also get a free poster we are creating just for this release. I hope that helps a bit.

I’m really sorry about all this trouble guys, but hey, we are all learning our lessons together. Record labels have been screwing artists for as long as there have been record labels. It’s why Abney Park has steered clear of them in the past, and I guess I am now being punished for breaking that rule.

Thanks for bearing with us.


SoundsUp’s response:

15 MAY 2015

Dear fans of Abney Park, dear fans of vinyl and the people who supported us! These days we received a lot of criticism, accusations, spits and personal hate because of the post of Robert Brown, the leader of Abney Park and our contact person in terms of publishing “Retro-Future Vagabond” album on vinyl. First of all, we want to bring sincere apologies that you became the part of the conflict, that you are being used as the tool of solving the problem, and that you even participate in this. We mean it: whoever is righteous, it’s still us, who didn’t solve everything in time.

It happens that often we take someone’s words blindly, simply because we believe in the person and start to blame and judge other people, simply because we think it is right thing to do. That happened a lot of times in history, especially from the politicians. And that happened with us personally when we absolutely took artist’s side after hearing his version of events.
Apart from the excuses, we would like to offer you the explanation of what has happened with this project and why.

Before we start, let’s get familiar with how the publishing process is working between any label and the artist. To keep it simpler, a music label buys a permission from an artist to publish the record(s) he owns in the agreed quantity and pays artist the fee for that permission. That fee can be calculated in direct money transfer, percentage from each sound carrier sale or produced sound carriers. For example, for 500 copies of LPs pressed, you can agree on 500 USD one-time transfer, plus 100 LPs provided for free. The agreement might be exclusive (non-transferable to other labels or people during the entire period of agreement) or inclusive (transferable to other producers). If not stated in the agreement, the label is free from any obligations to artist besides agreed royalty: which means that no bonuses, direct or indirect payments, percentage from sales, sound carries or discounts are own. You don’t go to the bank claiming to lower the interest rate after you agreed on terms and signed the contract, right? From now on, the obligation of the artist is to provide the materials which include the artwork and music, the obligation of the label to provide the royalty. The contract can include other points like confidentiality, force-majeure agreements, time periods, quality of materials, etc, etc.

The story began than a year ago when we proposed to Robert to publish one of his records paying fixed royalty 1000 USD and giving 50 LPs for free. Robert did agreed on that, providing couple of tweaks on that, changing the free LPs quantity to 75 and changing record to “The Best” instead of End Of Days, which is now known as “Retro-Future Vagabond”. These tweaks were accepted by us. Here are screenshots of letters (click to zoom).
Proposal     Proposal-answer     Proposal-answer2

After the agreement has been made, the preparation for the LP started. It was incredibly creative times: we insisted on giving us unmastered audio to get the dynamic mastering from scratch, there were plenty of ideas (including the awesome 3D-popup), we worked together with Robert on the artwork which he wanted to draw specially for this project, and from our side we created an awesome old-fashioned postcard in hopes people will just want to send it to each other! The new mastering, the card – all was approved by Robert and the process seemed to go on smooth and fantastic. Meanwhile the initial royalty has been sent to Robert and he confirmed that he did receive that. See the Paypal Transaction and the confirmation from Robert below (click to zoom).
payment     details-confirm     paypal

Time flew, and we decided it’s time to open the preorders. We wanted to do that in sync with Robert, so we negotiated on prices. Robert did ask us about the retail price of the LP and received the answer that it will cost 20 EUR for pre-order and 25 EUR on release (including taxes). The important question was for reorder of more vinyls in case all 75 will be gone. We strictly answered that it would cost us 18 EUR and that didn’t bring any more questions from Robert’s side, he agreed – because the sales were unknown to him and to us at this timepoint. By the lucky chance the release was so huge that Robert has sold out the 75 copies of the LP by 30 USD in 8 minutes and started to sell the signed copies by 50 USD, putting such a higher price concerning the 18 EUR reorder price. At the same time Robert promises to give us the money for the reoders. We were all happy that the release is a huge success and allowed Robert not to proceed with the payments to us until release. Here are the letters (click to zoom).
retail     reorders     soldout

We truly are not fans of counting money is someone’s pocket, but it seems that Robert Brown has earned a good amount of money on this project:

  • 1000 USD – royalty from us
  • 2250 USD – by selling all 75 copies by 30 USD
  • ~4000 USD – by selling at least 80 signed copies, probably more (that would give him a 2400 USD of pure income if he did buy these additional copies from us by 18 EUR, but he didn’t)

The project is a big challenge for us: not counting the graphic files preparation for printing, which sometimes needed to be almost redrawn, we did a lot of technical work with source graphics; sleepless nights when we reviewed the new construction of the cover to pass the materials into print; creating and reviewing every single byte for the new mastering, which has been changed 3 times before passed to Robert.
While Robert was selling his copies getting the money, we were dealing with more and more troubles pouring  on our shoulders concerning this project: the breakdown of the vinyl factory machine, bad production of the cover by the printshop; additional and unexplained delay and last but not least wrong inner picture positioning about which we were writing on our facebook page. At some point we were so desperate about this project which didn’t bring us the money, that we wanted to abort it, bring the apologies to everybody and return all the money to all our 30 buyers. But then we thought, hey, we are half way there, we simply can’t stop, the fans are waiting and we can’t break our promise.

At the same time, realizing that the project is a huge success, Robert calculated his profits and started to look for the way to get more copies of vinyl for the less price. He thought that he will change the rules now, print his own bunch of copies and leaves us to sell all those ~400 unsold copies in Europe – which is a big deal without any help of the band. In pursue of the goal to get all the juices from us, the tone of his letters fluctuated from proposing to commanding, stating that we are ripping off his money and deceiving him. We tried to explain that we have troubles once we can’t even cover the expenses by the sales, and we already invested a huge amount of money, but Robert simply wanted to change the rules of the game – and this was a surprise to us, because we believed in his word. We were unable to agree on the new re-sale price, and the logical step here would be to help us sell the remains of the product and then forget about each other. Robert would be able to create new copies of vinyl – which would be good for him and for the fans, since new albums come to vinyl from Abney Park and the entire profit comes to Robert. Tired of fighting, we agreed to the Robert’s option of simply buying the half of the copies, thinking that he will pay the half of our total, but again Robert didn’t want to help us in a little bit, telling that he will give us only the half, and the other half after he receive all the copies. We never formally agreed on that, but at some point Robert decided to speed up thing and just transferred the half of his half to our paypal.
crazy     trust1     trust2

All in all, the long awaited release has been finished, so we got to ship the copies to Robert, so since he has a deposit, we proposed to subtract the shipping costs for 75 LPs, and then calculate how much of the LPs will fit in the remaining deposit according to the initial price of 18 EUR and send them along. The other option was not to lose the time on reshipping the LPs back and there and ship them all for Robert right from Germany to all the fans. A single shipping costs 10 EUR to us, so first 75 LPs are being sent by 10 EUR, and others are sent by initial 18 EUR plus 10 EUR shipping. Instead of it, Robert rejected our proposals and started to threaten us – to reveal that we stolen his music, his artwork and ripping him off. He also claimed that it is his bonus to have the free shipping, though we never agreed to that. Click to zoom.
proposal-last     threats


In the end, we want to repeat: guys, we are sorry that you are now part of this fight; we are sorry for the awful delay; and we are sorry that you simply cannot get the product you paid for. We did everything that we could in order you guys receive the product. One thought is painful to us: the artist actually doesn’t care about his fans getting what has been paid for, but cares about filling his pockets – because instead of delivering the product with less profit to him, Robert started this fight. You simply cannot believe how much disappointing is to embed such amount of efforts into nearly perfect release and not only get lost a good amount of money, but also get a crowd of fans who are ready to put you on the pike and then burn in the fire.

In front of all the fans we say: Mr. Robert Brown, we are not keeping anyone’s money even despite a lot of bad words and lies were told about us. We still propose to send 75 LPs with subtracting the shipping cost from the deposit and return the remains. We can still ship all other LPs based on the initial fare of 18 EUR. We still propose to ship all the LPs to the fans directly from us based on 10 EUR (shipping) for first 75 copies, and 18 EUR + 10 EUR shipping for each next one. But we are NOT ready to accept your blackmailing to provide you the copies on 11 EUR. You can answer us in public or in the private letter. Accroding to the German laws in order to make the agreement, the email would be enough.

Now guys, it’s your turn to believe in us or not, judge us or not, but we won’t stop believe in you. Because if there are no fans, there is no music. We also encourage everyone who ordered from us simply get the record and ensure one more outstanding product have been born.

Love and Peace,
soundsUP Team