DJ PanIx vs the Halve Maen- Sept 12th playlist

DJ PanIx vs the Halve Maen- Sept 12th playlist

HUMANWINE: When in Rome
Epoxies: Stop Looking at Me
Those Darn Accordions: Mambo Triste
Alice Cooper: Department of Youth
Death: You’re a Prisoner
Strangled Darlings: Orange Peel
Fields of the Nephilim: Dust
Fire in My Bag: alchemy/denial
One Ring Zero: Here Come the Mannequins
Smiths: Death of a Disco Dancer
Negativland: Nesbitt’s Lime Soda Song
Corpus Callosum: The Ridgepole Sags
Primus: To Defy
Corrosion of Conformity: The Nectar
Sassparilla: Do You Understand Me?
NoMeansNo: Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue
Feelies: Let’s Go
Harlequin Jones: Will o’ the Wisp
The Doors: My Eyes Have Seen You
The Debaucherauntes: Nigun
Devo: I’m a Potato
Toy Dolls: Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik
Success: Believe In
Lou Reed: Kicks
Jerry’s Kids: Wired
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: Willow Gardens
Turbnegro: Sailor Man
The Men: Half Angel Half Light
Rose Mortician: This Flame
Bob Drake: Profound Musings
Xenophiles: Mundane
Clash: Car Jamming
Rebel Waltz: No Return
Langer’s Ball: Whiskey Chaser
Lard: Ballad of Marshall Ledbetter
Frenchy and the Punk: Carried Away
English Beat: What’s Your Best Thing?
Murdock: Midnight Train
Black Heart Procession: The Waiter #4
Minor Threat: Sob Story
Briefs: Rotten Love
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Virvatulet
Magazine: Parade
Lost Patrol: Creeper
Le Tigre: Fake French
Lights: Ice Course
Dillinger Escape Plan: Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
Kent 3: 1 Peter 4:3
Makers: Open Your Eyes
Kinks: Love Me Till the Sun Shines
The Loss: The Loss
False Prophets: Scorched Earth
Ottoman Empire: Forever
Bourbon Princess: The Hat
Ray Manzarek: I Wake Up Screaming
The Dad Horse Experience: St James Infirmary Blues
Meathook Seed: Day of Conceiving
Black Happy: Bullmonkey
Krackhouse: I Ride a White Horse Against UFOs
Figgs: Supreme Fashion
James Brown: Super Bad
Decemberists: O Valencia!
Descendents: I Won’t Let Me
FPU: Racer Car
MDC: American Achievements
Split Lip Rayfield: Promise Not to Tell
Cowboy Junkies: Me and the Devil Blues
Spotlight Syndicate: Mysterious Moxie
Nkansah and Yaanom: Pem Dwe
Sad Bastard Book Club: The Pauper Choir of Mathias AZ
Ms Led: Gone
Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry
Lying in States: Most Every Night
ADZ: Sadist Faction
Ladytron: Playgirl
Quadrajets: Queen of the Twist
Bakelite 78: The Ballad of Milwaukee Phil

DJ Panix vs the Raid of the Redeswire- July 7th playlist

DJ Panix vs the Raid of the Redeswire- July 7th playlist

O Lendário Chucrobillyman: Estrada Da Vida
RAMONES: Life’s a Gas
Deadbolt: Channel 5
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: WINTERMISSION
Corrosion of Conformity: Who You Need to Blame
Sonic Youth: On the Strip
Escape the Clouds: Into the Light
The Creatures: All She Could Ask For
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Hearts of Oak
Led Zeppelin: All My Love
Destroy Nate Allen: Long Weekend Blues
Pixies: Something Against You
Wool: Eat Some Ziti
U2: I Threw a Brick Through a Window
Mike Watt: Thistle-Headed-Man
Louis Prima: Pennies from Heaven
Crime: Flipout
Kokusyoku Sumire: Nowa n Utsukushiku Sumire no Hana yo
Accolade: Bleeding Cry
Tommy James & the Shondells: Hanky Panky
Foetus: Dying with My Boots On
Boomtown Rats: Never in a Million Years
Doggy Style: Dub This
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: Forgotten Not Gone
Stuyvesant: Grant’s Tomb
Dead Moon: Walking on My Grave
The Bad Things: The Unsinkable SS Merde
Rollins Band: You Look at You
Leatherface:: Plastic Surgery
Didjits: Lou Reed
Fatboy Slim: In Heaven
Rachel’s: Hand Writing
Residents: Floyd
Descendents: Sour Grapes
Can: Don’t Say No
KLF: What Time Is Love?
Madness: Rain
They Might Be Giants: Catching on Fire
Sum: Riot in the Streets
Zolar X: Weightless Attractions
Fishbone: In the Air
Sham 69: Who Gives a Damn
Vermillion Lies: Bone Yard
Donnas: Get You Alone
Scream: Run to the Sun
Wesley Willis: DJ Quik
Monks: Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
Pianosaurus: (A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the) Toystore
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Take Me Back
Alice Cooper: For Veronica’s Sake
Trademarks: If I Was Gone
Split Lip Rayfield: San Antonio
Cinema Cinema: Pleased to Meet You, Anesthesia
Vast Void: Coney Island
Fastbacks: Above the Sunrise
Andrew Jackson Jihad: Who Are You?
DI: Be Strong
Depo Provera: Liquid Personality
The Doors: Summertime
Fuckface: Wave of Mutilation
bis: Protection
Dropkick Murphys: Bastards on Parade
Arrogance: Black Death
The DIs: Taylor Yard Blues
HUMANWINE: Perfect Engineering
Jimmy Flame & the Sexxy Boys: Ballad #3
Pop Will Eat Itself: Wise Up Sucker
Voivod: Voivod
Ghoultown: Walkin’ Through the Desert (with a Crow)
Adam & the Ants: Tabletalk
David Bowie: Time
Hot Damn Scandal: Sleep by the Fire
Rebel Waltz: Better Being Blind
999: Edge of the World
Love & Rockets: Suadade
Renée de la Prade: Gutterpunk
The Loss: The Loss
Lost Socks: Synchromesh
Against Me: How Low
Voodoo Organist: Beethoven Goes Berserk

HUMANWINE return… with aether~

It’s been a long wait but HUMANWINE return with new music:
æther – 40 songs, 4 albums

40 songs (the full mega-album download of ‘aether’) Includes the 4 albums ‘terra‘, ‘aqua‘, ‘aer‘ & ‘ignis‘ in .AIFF LOSSLESS FORMAT/ lyric .txt files and 72 res .gifs of the artwork from the codex artbook.
Capacity: 4GB
Material: Glass bottle & cork
Made in CA, USA

Since there are no lyric sheets to hold in your hands while you listen, HUMANWINE made a 60 pg full colour, landscape 11″ x 8.5″ artbook companion filled with original art and lyrics for you.
Material: 80lb Paper 70% post consumer fiber 30% farmed trees
Acid Free but you still shouldn’t eat books.
Made in Ontario, CA

WRENCH IN THE WORKS STICKER: 3.5″ circle vinyl sticker
Made in MA, USA

AETHER DOG TAG: Wrench in the works symbol on the front and the 4 elements on the back w/ 30′ ball chain (only available in this bundle)
Made in MD, USA



Sepiachord playlist for the week ending March 22nd

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending March 22nd

Slackeye Slim: Cowboy’s Lament
Morphine: Cure for Pain
The Extraordinary Contraptions: Away Into the Emptiness
Tom Waits: Ice Cream Man
Firewater: Hey Clown
17 Pygmies: Isabel I
Nathaniel Johnstone: The Gods Must be Crazy
Jerzimy: L’Anarchie Pour Le UK
Tiger Lillies with Kronos Quartet: Histoire de Kay
Robin Aigner: Kiss Him when He’s Down
Stella Peach: Paralysis
Eli August: Hide and Seek
Nouvelle Vague: Heart of Glass
Salty Pajamas: Alligators
Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants: Feel It All
Culann’s Hounds: A Thousand Flowers
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?: Paper Airplanes
Chronilus: The Wild Hunt
HUMANWINE: Welcome to Vinland
Orion Rigel Dommisse: Red Mirror
Split Lip Rayfield: John
Not Waving But Drowning: Heads Will Roll
Tom Slatter: Mechanism
Ex Reverie: The Crowning
The Bad Things: Just Four Weeks
Toy-Box Trio: Trapeze
Rasputina: Olde Dance
The Mongrel Jews: Like Bread
Hail Seizures: Last Transmission

DJ Panix vs the USS Monitor & the CSS Virginia, March 9th playlist~

DJ Panix vs the USS Monitor & the CSS Virginia, March 9th playlist~

Circus Contraption: Acrophelia’s Lament
Einsturzende Neubauten: Salamandriana
Accolade: Heaven
Tiesco del Rey: Theme from Lawrence of Arabia
Waldeck: Memories
Bowie: Rock n Roll Suicide
Ramones: Strength to Endure
Chicken Hawks: Get Loose
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey
Voivod: Astronomy Domine
Dick Dale: The Eliminator
Black Flag: Sinking
Tom Slatter: The Beast of the Air
Kill Creeps: Misson 3- the Introid
Rollins Band: Burned Beyond Recognition
Knack: Lucinda
White City Rippers: Telstar
Aerosmith: Walk This Way
Alice Cooper: Apple Bush
Bastard Fairies: Guns and Dolls
Stolen Sweets: Charlie Two-Step
Wesley Willis: Skrew
Frank Black: This Is Where I Belong
Corrosion of Conformity: Denmark Vesey
Ukulele Loki’s Gadabout Orchestra: Lullaby
Neil Young: Sugar Mountain
Pachinko: Hated
Pennywise: Bro Hymn
HUMANWINE: When in Rome
Primus: Spaghetti Western
Lost Patrol: I’m 28
Patti Smith Group: Space Monkey
Hail Seizures: Wolfie
Dead House Music: Dark Jazz
Jay Reatard: Oh, It’s Such a Shame
FOOD: Jesus and Johnny Cash
Those Darn Accordions: Pump It Up
Screaming Headless Torsos: Field of Light
Doggy Style: Denial
Pixies: Tame
Juanita Family & Friends: You Look Like Trouble
Surfaris: Wipeout
Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict a Riot
Voodoo Organist: Mindbender
Possum Dixon: We’re All Happy
Stevie ray Vaughan: Pride & Joy
Blueflowers: Strange
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Revengee of the Rats
!TchKung!: Picture of a Riot Zone
Life in a Blender: Mamanama
Toy Dolls: The Anniversary Waltz
The Bad Things: Devil’s Riding Crop
Honey Badger: Crisis Averted
Ignition: Rebuilding
Creatures: Turn It On
One Ring Zero: Blessing
Hellacopters: Such a Blast
Stuyvesant: Baby Bear
Mother of Sorrow: Th Haunted Pool
Tarantella: Southern Cross
Stella Peach: My Mind
Reverse Cowgirls: Common Order
1,000 Homo DJs: Supernaut
Rasputina: How We Quit the Forest
Allman Brothers: One Way Out
Rev Norb: Snobby Distain
Common Language: Dead White Horse
The Extraordinary Contraptions: Lovely Lies
Revolting Cocks: Gila Copter
DevO: Mind Games
Dictators: Teengenerate
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Lehti Tuulessa
Luscious Jackson: Deep Shag
Joe Coffee: Stink of Love
Ray Manzarek: Choose Up and Choose Off
Christian Williams: All of Her Kin
Laxative Souls: Niccolai
Doubleclicks: Rock Star Life
Infernal Noise Brigade: Nagarawallah
Firewater: Drunkard’s Lament
Gruppo Rom Draculas: Jampara
Peter Murphy’s Carver Combo: Swimming Pool
Dawn of the Lathe Symphonic: Two Faces
Life Toward Twilight: Discovered the Mystery of Life
Lyle Lovett: Just the Morning
5 Cent Coffee
Dead Moon: It’s OK
Ghostfire: The Confession

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending March 1st~

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending March 1st~
Stella Peach: Get Up!
Life in a Blender: Tongue-Cut Sparrow
Chronilus: Under a Violet Moon
Infernal Noise Brigade: Km cero I
HUMANWINE: Sated Enjoyeur
Coctails: Prisoner of the Highway
Robin Aigner: Wayfaring Stranger
Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights
Bakelite 78: Long Black Veil
Nathaniel Johnstone: Pythia
The Builders and The Butchers: Red Hands
Aeon Now: Pair-a-Dimes
Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers: All You Shadows
Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombone
Frenchy and the Punk: Strangers After Midnight
The Gloria Darlings: Mermaid Song
Absinthe Rose: Stained Glass
Jonathan Richman: Give Paris One More Chance
The Church of Abject Sorrow: Tomorrow You’ll Be Diggin Your Own Hole
Dogwood: Ballad of the Psychopomp
Eric Stern: Out Among the Leaves
Combustible Edison: In the Garden of Earthly Delights
Andrew Jackson Jihad: Olde(y) Time(y)
Amoree Lovell: Beauty
Magnetic Fields: Zebra
Moulettes: Lady Vengeance
Adrian H & the Wounds: Memory
The Kropotkins: The Stars of Country Music Greet the Spring
Gaslight Fanny: Trouble and Strife
Not Waving But Drowning: Heads Will Roll
The Blueflowers: Captive
Ghoultown: Train to Nowhere
Kal Cahoone: Travel Song

New York Music Daily’s The 100 Best Songs of 2014

New York Music Daily’s The 100 Best Songs of 2014~

This list includes some of our favorite performers! Curtis Eller, o’death, Robin Aigner, Marissa Nadler, John Zorn, Golem, Barbez, Old Crow Medicine Show… and well, we LOVE HUMANWINE, but the song in question is a bit older than 2014 😉

The 100 Best Songs of 2014

by delarue

If you count youtube clips, how many songs were “released” in 2014? Five million? Ten million? Considering the vast amount of material that’s out there, you can’t consider this page to be gospel any more than you can any other blog’s best-of-2014 list.

But it is a seriously good playlist. At first it seemed like a good idea to simply pull all of these songs into a Spotify playlist and call it a night, but that didn’t work since a lot – perhaps the majority – of the artists here aren’t on Spotify. But you can follow the links on this page and hear every song except for one mystery track which is one of the best of them all. Bookmark this page and enjoy!

As was the case last year with Matthew Grimm’s West Allis, one song stood apart from the pack this year as far as sheer visceral impact is concerned and that’s The Great Escape by artsy New York Americana band the Sometime Boys. Kurt Leege’s guitar provides an elegant, elegaic intro for frontwoman/guitarist Sarah Mucho’s carefully modulated, wounded, brittle vocals, which rise to a full gospel wail as the song hits a peak. It’s a bitter reflection on the lure of victory and the harsh reality of defeat, from the perspective of someone gazing into the night from a window in lower Manhattan. If you’ve ever faded away into yourself, scowling out at the glimmer in the distance and wishing you were there and not slaving away at some stupid dayjob – or contemplating suicide – this could be your theme song. It’s from the band’s album Riverbed, streaming here.

As with this year’s Best Albums of 2014 and Best NYC Concerts of 2014 pages, there’s no ranking here other than the #1 song of the year. For the sake of fairness, songs are listed in rough chronological order by the date they first got some attention at this blog, irrespective of release date. Which means that the last songs on the list aren’t the ass end of the list: they just made their first appearance here in December. To be clear: Karla Moheno’s mysterious Time Well Spent, which leads the rest of the pack here, is a lot different than Jennifer Niceley’s uneasily balmy Land I Love, the last song here. But they’re both worth a spin. Here we go!

Karla Moheno – Time Well Spent
A slinky, cruel noir blues dirge about deceit and revenge. Moheno’s genius is that her narratives are allusive; you have to brave the shadows to figure out what’s going on and who’s being killed. If the Sometime Boys hadn’t put out an album this year, this song, the title track from hers, would occupy the top spot. Listen here.

Jessie Kilguss – Red Moon
The folk noir bandleader’s brooding, Spanish Civil War-inspired tableau could also be a present-day account of freedom fighters on the run from just about any gestapo – the NSA, Mossad or ISIS. It’s all the more powerful for Kilguss’ portrayal of the political as personal. From the album Devastate Me. Spotify link

Ward White – Bikini
This swaying, snarling art-rock narrative isn’t about beachwear: it’s a cruelly sardonic narrative set on a now-uninhabitable South Pacific atoll right after an atom bomb was set off there, gently ominous guitar multitracks subtly going awry over keyboardist Joe McGinty’s pillowy mellotron. From the album Ward White Is the Matador. Listen here

Marianne Dissard – Am Lezten
A portrait of total emotional depletion so vividly detailed it’s scary. And you don’t need to speak French to understand it – although that makes it all the more poignant. From her gorgeously orchestrated art-rock album The Cat. Not Me. Listen here

The Wytches – Gravedweller
Don’t let this song’s apparent references to zombies – which could simply be metaphorical – scare you away. Drenched in toxic reverb, this is a morbid, Middle Eastern-tinged horror surf number, and it’s genuinely evil. From the album Annabel Dream Reader. Listen here, free download

Willie Watson – Rock Salt & Nails
One of the year’s biggest buzz songs. Everybody covered this morose old murder ballad from the 1800s, nobody more starkly or hauntingly than the former Old Crow Medicine Show guitarist. It’s a version worthy of Hank Williams, no joke. From the album Folk Singer Vol. 1. Listen here

Ember Schrag – William for the Witches
At her Trans-Pecos show in October, the gothic Americana bandleader dedicated her careening Macbeth-inspired anthem to “all the Republicans back home,” ramping up the menace several notches with her litany of spells as guitarist Bob Bannister veered from monster surf, to ominous jangle, to a little skronk. This video isn’t from that show, but it’s still good.

LJ Murphy – Fearful Town
At the Parkside back in May, noir rocker Murphy’s show was a going-away party of sorts for pianist Patrick McLellan, who took out his angst on the piano keys, gently and elegantly exchanging creepy, lingering noir tonalities with guitarist Tommy Hoscheid as Murphy drew a morosely surreal portrait of a DiBloomberg era East Village of tourist traps and the grotesqueries who congregate there. This youtube clip is the studio version.

Benmont Tench – You Should Be So Lucky
Tom Petty’s organist released his debut album this year and this is the title track, as viciously brilliant a kiss-off anthem as anyone’s ever written, set to tersely murderous, bluesy Laurel Canyon psychedelia. Watch the video

Big Lazy – Human Sacrifice
The cult favorite NYC noir soundtrack trio makes horror surf out of a flamenco theme, with its savage clusters and sudden dips and swells, and allusions to a famous Duke Ellington tune (via the Ventures). From the album Don’t Cross Myrtle, rated #1 for 2014. Listen here

Gord Downie & the Sadies – Budget Shoes
An ominously reverb-drenched southwestern gothic tale fueled by Mike Belitsky’s artfully tumbling, Keith Moon drums. Singer and longtime Tragically Hip frontman Downie traces the steps of a couple of desperados “walking through the valley of ghosts,” one with his eyes on the other’s superior footgear. From their album Gord Downie, the Sadies & the Conquering Sun. Listen here

Ernest Troost – Old Screen Door
A wailing, electrifying murder ballad. Troost succeeds with this one since the only images he lets you see are incidental to what was obviously a grisly crime, “lightning bugs floating through a haze of gasoline” and so forth. A teens update to the Walkabouts’ vengeful anthem Firetrap, from the album O Love. Listen here

Changing Modes – Ride
The band keeps the menacing chromatics going over a brisk new wave pulse, frontwoman/keyboardist Wendy Griffiths’ venomous lyric driven to a crescendo by a snarling Yuzuru Sadashige guitar solo. From the New York art-rockers’ album The Paradox of Traveling Light. Listen here

HUMANWINE – Our Devolution Is Televised
Tthe closest thing to the Dead Kennedys that we have these days: macabre chromatic Romany punk rock set in an Orwellian nightmare that very closely resembles today’s world. The recurrent mantra is “Can’t you feel the lockdown?” From the ep Mass Exodus. Listen here, free download

The Brooklyn What – Too Much Worry
Almost nine minutes of white-knuckle intensity, relentless angst and psychedelic guitar fury. A serpentine homage to early Joy Division, there’s an interlude where it evokes a tighter take on that band doing the Velvets’ Sister Ray, then a long, volcanic guitar duel worthy of the Dream Syndicate. From the year’s best short album, Minor Problems. Listen here

Briana Layon & the Boys – Cut My Man
The dark metal/powerpop rockers open the song with an icy, watery guitar lead over a sketchy, muted riff, frontwoman Layon joining in the ominous ambience and then rising toward murderous rage, airing out her wounded low range and in the process channeling the Sometime Boys‘ Sarah Mucho. They take it out as a waltzing danse macabre. From their album Touch & Go. Listen here

Cheetah Chrome – Stare into the Night
It’s the closest thing to the Dead Boys (right around the time of their mid-80s comeback) on that band’s iconic lead guitarist’s new album, Solo, most of its searing tracks recorded almost twenty years ago and seeing the light just now. It’s about time. Spotify link

The Annie Ford Band – Buick 1966
A cinematic, noir mini-epic that shifts from a creepy bolero to a waltz to scampering bluegrass and then back, fueled by Tim Sargent’s knee-buckling, Marc Ribot-like reverb guitar lines. From Ford’s debut album. Listen here

Golem – Vodka Is Poison
Over a rampaging circus punk stomp, bandleaders Annette Ezekiel Kogan and Aaron Diskin trade verses about why it either “Makes you round, makes you soft, makes it hard to get aloft,” or “Makes you happy, makes you free, makes you wish that you were me!” From the album Tanz. Spotify link 

The Fleshtones – Hipster Heaven
A hellish, Chuck Berry-flavored chronicle of the band’s old New York neighborhoods being swallowed by hordes of narcissistic gentrifiers fresh out of college but acting like kindergarteners. From their album Wheel of Talent. Watch the video

Guess & Check – Some DJs
An aptly downcast janglepop tale that will resonate with anybody who’s walked into a party all psyched and then realizes in a split second that it’s really going to suck. In other words, that it’s full of trendoids who are all a-twitter since some DJ just plugged his phone into the PA system! From their album Entanglement. Listen here

Orphan Jane – Lost Mind
A menacingly theatrical circus rock tune that builds from a sarcastically whiny, vaudevillian verse to an explosive choir of voices on the chorus. From their album A Poke in the Eye. Listen here

Mitra Sumara – mystery song
Mitra Sumara are one of New York’s most fascinating bands. Singer Yvette Perez’s group plays obscure psychedelic rock and funk covers from Iran in the 1960s and 70s. This particular number was the highlight of this year’s annual Alwan-a-Thon, a celebration of sounds from across the Middle East held at downtown music mecca Alwan for the Arts. But nobody seems to know what the song is called. It sounds like Procol Harum but more upbeat, with some seriously evil funeral organ. If anybody knows the title, please pass it on! It was the third song on the setlist that night.

The Reigning Monarchs – Thuggery
Sort of a Peter Gunne Theme for the teens, an intense, explosive monster surf instrumental with a slashing, off-the-rails guitar solo midway through. From the album Black Sweater Massacre. Listen here

Curtis Eller – The Heart That Forgave Richard Nixon
A riverbed grave, a Cadillac stalled out on the tracks and Henry Kissinger shaking it all night long serve as the backdrop for this snarling parable of post-9/11 multinational fascism. From the historically-inspired Americana cult favorite banjo player’s album How to Make It in Hollywood. Listen here

The Jitterbug Vipers – Stuff It
A co-write with Elizabeth McQueen from Asleep at the Wheel, this sassy oldtimey swing tune by the Texas stoner swing band has the sardonic wit of a classic, dismissive Mae West insult song. From the album Phoebe’s Dream. Listen here

Della Mae – Heaven’s Gate
A bitter, ghostly newgrass tale that begins with the fiddle mimicking the ominous low resonance of a steel guitar, then eventually goes doublespeed. Is this about a suicide, a murder, or both? Either way, it’s a great story. From the album This World Oft Can Be. Watch the video (WARNING – you have to mute the audio ad before the whole album streams)

Bad Buka – Through the Night
A big, blazing, full-on orchestrated minor-key Romany art-rock epic, the title track from this searing, theatrical Slavic art-punk band’s new album. Listen here

The Devil Makes Three – Hand Back Down
The wild punkgrass crew take an unexpected detour into surrealist stoner swamp rock with a cynical antiwar edge, from their album I’m a Stranger Here. This video is a live take.

Marissa Nadler – Firecrackers
A menacingly opiated, reverb-drenched, mostly acoustic Nashville gothic ballad, painting a booze-fueled Fourth of July scenario that does not end well. From the folk noir icon’s album July. Listen here

Aram Bajakian – Rent Party
This instrumental by the former Lou Reed lead guitar genius kicks off with a bouncy funk riff into a minor-key tune that’s part newschool Romany rock, surf music and Otis Rush blues – then the band hits a long, surreal, muddy interlude reminiscent of 80s noiserock legends Live Skull as Shahzad Ismaily’s bass growls to the surface. From the album There Were Flowers Also in Hell. Listen here

The Delta Saints – Crazy
The centerpiece of the Americana jamband’s Drink It Slow ep is a nine-minute epic that works a slow, slinky noir blues groove with all kinds of up-and-down dynamics, a precise, angst-fueled guitar solo and every keyboard texture in this band’s arsenal. Listen here

Rosanne Cash – World of Strange Design
An harrowing Appalachian gothic tale that could be about a returning soldier’s family falling apart, or maybe just metaphorical, about a guy who “Set off the minefield like you were rounding first.” From the album The River & the Thread. Watch the video

Laura Cantrell – Washday Blues
This era’s most poignant, compelling voice in classic country music at her aphoristic best, cleaning up a lifetime’s worth of disappointed metaphors against a backdrop of steel guitar and mandolin. From the new album No Way There from Here. Spotify link

The New Mendicants – High on the Skyline
An enigmatically alienated folk-rock anthem that’s equal parts Strawbs Britfolk and lushly clangy, twanging Byrds from this psychedelic pop supergroup. “I’ll show you how deadly close faraway can be,” Teenage Fanclub frontman Norman Blake intones in his stately delivery. From their album Into the Lime. This live acoustic take isn’t the album version but it’s still really good.

Ihtimanska – Hicaz Hümayun Saz Semaisi
The most gripping and most distinctively Middle Eastern of all the tracks on the Montreal Turkish traditional music duo’s debut album. Listen here

Siach HaSadeh – Kuni Roni/Maggid’s Niggun
A darkly dancing North African-tinged diptych: the oud’s ironically triumphant run down into the abyss midway through might be the high point of the improvisational klezmer band’s album Song of the Grasses. Listen here

Son of Skooshny – Untold History.
This intense, richly arranged, artsy janglerock anthem traces an uneasy early atomic age childhood with an offhanded savagery: with Steve Refling’s keening slide guitar, it’s the hardest-rocking and most overtly angry song on the new album Mid Century Modern. Listen here

New Electric Ride – Marquis de Sade
This trippy vintage 60s psych tune casts the old philosopher as a stoner, from a funky Cream intro, through a little early Santana and then a galloping proto-metal interlude fueled by Craig Oxberry’s artful drums before some very funny vocals kick in. From the album Balloon Age. Listen here

Tammy Faye Starlite – Sister Morphine
A showstopper by the irrepressible chanteuse who’s carved herself out a niche for sardonic but spot-on reinventions of songs by brilliant and difficult people: Nico, Iggy, and others. She slayed with this one live at her Marianne Faithfull tribute/parody at Lincoln Center back in March. Watch the video

Isle of Klezbos – Noiresque
Shoko Nagai dazzles with her glimmering, darkly neoromantic and blues-tinged piano on this bracing latin- and Middle Eastern-tinted theme, shifting seamlessly between waltz time and a swing jazz groove. From the album Live from Brooklyn. Listen here

Jenifer Jackson – All Around
This flinty anthemic backbeat rock tune builds a mood of quiet apprehension via a wintry seaside tableau – it wouldn’t be out of place in the Steve Wynn catalog. From the stunningly eclectic Austin songwriter’s album Texas Sunrise. Listen here 

The Baseball Project – 13
Arguably the best song on the new album, 3rd – frontman Steve Wynn takes unsparing aim at at the A-Roid scandal over a corrosively sarcastic spaghetti western backdrop. Watch the video

John Zorn’s Abraxas – Metapsychomagia
Guitarists Aram Bajakian and Eyal Maoz and bassist Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz juxtapose puckish wit with flickering menace, building from an uneasy bolero groove to a staggered Middle Eastern monster surf stomp, both guitarists ranging from lingering and twangy to frenetic and crazed, epic art-rock infused with swirling noise. Title track from the new album. Watch the video

Martin Bisi – Invite to Heaven Hell
One of the most deliciously tuneful things the dark art-rocker has ever done, building a stygian spacerock ambience, like the Chuch or the Byrds at their most psychedelic, with hints of peak-era Sonic Youth peeking through the pulsing guitars, with disembodied vocals, soaring trumpet and a dead-girl chorus in the background. From the album Ex Nihilo. Listen here

Ichka – Glaziers Hora
This Alicia Svigals tune is a showcase for soaring solos from everyone in this fiery klezmer band, over a misterioso staccato rhythm. From their album Podorozh. Listen here

Jaro Milko & the Cubalkanics – Herido
A mix of Del Shannon noir with a creepy bolero: it’s arguably the strongest track on the psychedelic cumbia band’s creepily slinky new album Cigarros Explosivos. Listen here 

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs – For All that Ails You
With its mournful train-whistle guitar and stalking, noir blues sway, it’s uncommonly dark for even this creepy gutter blues/noir Americana band. From the album It’s Her Fault. Watch the video

The Mystic Braves – There’s a Pain
A briskly scampering noir blues recast as period-perfect 60s Laurel Canyon psychedelia, from the album Desert Island. Listen here

Barbez – Mizmor Leasaf
Italian poet Alfonso Gatto’s bitter wartime elegy, Anniversary, recast as an eerily reverberating, dirgelike noir soundtrack piece from the album Bella Ciao, which explores haunting Italian Jewish themes. Watch the video

Spottiswoode – Butterfly
With its anxiously fluttery, tremoloing intro, swooping clarinet and elegant electric harpsichord, it’s a characteristically moody, richly orchestrated chamber pop anthem. From the album English Dream. Listen here

Action Beat & G.W. Sok – Sentence Machine
A noisier take on what Joy Division did with Atrocity Exhibition, seemingly a Kafkaesque account of a tortuous execution machine, set to a choir of sawing, stabbing, frantically pinwheeling guitars. From the ex-Ex frontman and British noiserock band’s collaborative album A Remarkable Machine. Spotify link

Karikatura – Eyes Wide
A bracing latin reggae tune and the title track to the band’s new album, frontman Ryan Acquaotta chronicling what happens when the real estate mob decides to take over a sketchy part of town: “With the luxury developments they’re packing in, propaganda that the neighborhood is back again, watch whoever is moving in after, blowing their cover.” And then the displacement of the people who call it home begins. Listen here

The Skull Practitioners – Another Sicko
An out-of-focus vocal from guest Tom Derwent, long drones, allusions to funk, twisted bent-note mental asylum screams from Steve Wynn lead player and frontman Jason Victor going on for what seems minutes and an ending that the band finally allows to completely disintegrate. From the New York noiserockers’ ep ST1 – also available on cassette. Listen here

Zvuloon Dub System – Alemitu
An ominously organ-fueled minor-key instrumental that blends otherworldly Ethiopiques into a moody Israeli roots reggae groove. From their album Anbesa Dub. Listen here

The Last Internationale – We Will Reign
The fearless, politically-fueled Bronx rockers slayed with this snarling, defiant, Patti Smith-style anthem at the Mercury back in June, the title track from their new album. Watch the video

Hannah Thiem – Phavet
If you listen very closely, you’ll realize that the cinematic, intense violinist/composer’s slinky electroacoustic mood piece is a one-chord jam, as it shifts from an echoing, dancing, hypnotically bracing theme to a thicket of overdubs where Thiem becomes a one-woman string sextet.. From the ep Brym. Listen here

Amanda Thorpe – Willow in the Wind
With its haunting, subdued anguish, the intense Britfolk/art-rock chanteuse’s noir tropicalia version of Tin Pan Alley wordsmith Yip Harburg’s song surpasses any other take on it, fueled by drummer Robert di Pietro’s ominous tom-toms and misterioso cymbal work. From the album Bewitching Me. Spotify link 

Nick Waterhouse – Sleeping Pills
With echoey Rod Argent electric piano and baritone saxophonist Paula Henderson’s smoky lines, this was the most lurid song of the night at the LA psychedelic soul music maven’s show in Greenpoint back in June. From the album Holly. Watch the video

Puss N Boots – GTO
The darkest and arguably best song on the album No Fools, No Fun, a detour toward Eilen Jewell-tinged ghoulabilly by the the Americana super-trio of Norah Jones, guitarist/singer Sasha Dobson and bassist Catherine Popper. Watch the video

People – Supersensible Hydrofracked Dystopia
Fiery jazz guitarist Mary Halvorson, irrepressible drummer Kevin Shea (of NYC’s funnest jazz group, Mostly Other People Do the Killing) and bassist Kyle Forester (from Crystal Stilts) toss off this barely minute-long but cruelly spot-on punk jazz miniature from the album 3xaWoman. Watch the video

Coppins – Great Day for Living
A sarcastic dystopic pre-apocalyptic narrative set to a reggae-tinged groove from the eclectic, funky, rootsy Toronto band known for their bagpipe funk. From the album The Prince That Nobody Knows. Listen here 

Marah – The Old Riverman’s Regret
A sad, vividly resigned oldtimey folk waltz, looking back nostalgically on 19th century commercial river rafting. From the album Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania, a mightily successful detour into Americana by the highway rock band. Listen here

Carsie Blanton – Don’t Come Too Soon
Sly, innuendo-fueled oldtime hokum blues from the torchy New Orleans chanteuse. Listen here, free download

Millsted – Televangelist
Over an uneasy, hammering pulse, the New York punk/metal band work murderously direct East Bay Ray-style horror-surf riffage that spirals out in acidic sheets of reverb, hits a misterioso interlude and then rises again. From the album Harlem. Listen here

The Butcher Knives – Could Be the End
The New York Romany/latin rockers’ slinky shuffle kicks off by nicking the intro from Elvis Costello’s Watching the Detectives and morphs into steady brisk spaghetti western rock, with a cool, offcenter Ethan Cohen banjo solo out. From their album Misery. Listen here 

The Bakersfield Breakers – Longing
A sad, spiky mix of honkytonk, incisive blues and Britfolk licks and moody ranchera rock via guitarist Keith Yaun’s virtuoso multitracks. From the album In the Studio with the Bakersfield Breakers. Listen here

The Jones Family Singers – Bones in the Valley
A funky update on an ancient, eerie spiritual livened with a combination of graveyard imagery and a message that’s ultimately hopeful, a launching pad for some impassioned call-and response. From the Houston gospel-soul band’s album The Spirit Speaks. Listen here

The Old Crow Medicine Show – Dearly Departed Friend
As much as the bluegrass road warriors are best known for explosive party music, this is a somber graveside requiem for an Iraq War casualty, with a creepy, spot-on redneck surrealism. From their album Remedy. Listen here

Andrew Bird – So Much Wine Merry Christmas
The funniest of the Handsome Family covers on Bird’s tribute to the iconic Americana surrealist duo, Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of. One brilliantly twisted, literate Americana songwriter deserves another. Listen here

The Grisly Hand – Western Avenue
A ringer here, the title track from the Kansas City band’s 2012 debut, sounding like the Jayhawks circa Sound of Lies backing Neko Case. Yeah, that good. Their new album Country Singles is pretty damn good too. Listen here

Edward Rogers – What Happened to the News
Fueled by Byrdsy twelve-string guitar, it’s a snide swipe at how the media-industrial complex distracts us from what’s really going on. Fron the Britrock maven’s Kevin Ayers-inspired new album Kaye. Watch the video

Bombay Rickey – Pilgrim
Frontwoman Kamala Sankaram’s wickedly precise, loopy accordion winds through a misterioso, lingering, surfy stroll with ominous bass and alto sax solos, the latter building to a spine-tingling coda. From the psychedelic Bollywood-inspired band’s album Cinefonia, the year’s best debut release. Listen here

Sharon Jones – Retreat
The brooding, practically exhausted version that this era’s definitive soul-funk singer delivered out back of the World Financial Center back in June was considerably more ominous and menacing than the version on the record. From the album Give The People What They Want. Listen here

The Immigrant Union – Anyway
The epic title track from the lush Australian psych-pop janglerockers’ latest album has plaintive harmonies and a slow psych-pop sway much in the same vein as the Allah-Las. Listen here

Debby Schwartz – Hills of Violent Green
A lushly luscious folk noir anthem and a showcase for some literally breathtaking, swooping upper-register vocals by the former Aquanettas frontwoman (and current Ember Schrag bassist). Fron the Satan You Brought Me Down ep. Listen here 

Wormburner – Drinks At the Plaza Hotel
Fiery Stiff Little Fingers style punk-pop, a couple of smalltime scam artists trading faux-sophisticated banter and having a great time seeing how much they can get over on the snobs. From the album Pleasant Living in Planned Communities. Listen here

Banda Magda – Trata
A gorgeously swaying Middle Eastern-tinged Greek party tune with rippling hammered dulcimer, cheery brass and animated guy/girl vocals that builds to a towerine, majestic peak. Frmo the pan-global New York art-rock/jazz/Middle Eastern band’s album Yerakina. Listen here

Alsarah & the Nubatones – Bilad Aldahb
A bristling, broodingly expansive oud solo by the late, great Haig Magnoukian leads into a dusky lament lowlit by Rami El Asser’s stately frame drum work. From the New York Nubian funk revivalists/reinventors’ album Silt. Listen here

Mary Lee Kortes – Big Things
An irrepressibly jaunty hi-de-ho swing tune: the intense, soaring Americana tunesmith/singer slayed with this at the Rockwood a couple of months ago. From the album Songs from the Beulah Rowley Songbook ep – and possibly appearing on her forthcoming, long-awaited Songs of Beulah Rowley album, a thematic collection centered around a tragic, talented 1930s/40s cult favorite songwriter. Listen here

Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne – Green Gold Violet
A starkly vivid, hypnotic, wounded late-afternoon folk noir tableau, Rogers’ luminous dobro paired against Byrne’s tensely fingerpicked stroll. From the album I Line My Days Along Your Weight. Listen here

Matt Ulery – The Farm
The lively flair of this harmony-driven, climactic chamber pop number understates its corrosive portrayal of rural hell. From the eclectic, cinematic bassist/composer’s album In the Ivory. Listen here

The Larch – Mr. Winters
The jangliest track on the ferociously lyrical New York psychedelic new wave rockers’ new album In Transit is a metaphorical, nonchalantly ominous sort of a mashup of Squeeze and powerpop legends Skooshny. Listen here

Lachan Bryan & the Wildes – The CEO Must Die
A brutally insightful look at the psychology of going postal from the Australian Americana songwriter/bandleader’s purist, impeccably crafted album Black Coffee. Listen here

The OBNIIIs – No Time for the Blues
The closest thing to Radio Birdman that we have right now, lead guitarist Tom Triplett ripping through volleys of chromatic. Surprisingly, the studio version on the Third Time to Harm album is even more volcanic t han the live version on their Live in San Francisco album. Listen here

Jay Brown – Fox News (Jesus Save Me).
Snidely hilarious faux gospel from the Americana songwriter. Anybody who watches that channel should be tied to a chair and forced to listen to this on loop. LMFAO. From the album Beginner Mind. Listen here

Lorraine Leckie – The Everywhere Man
This song about a party-hopping serial killer originally appeared on the album Rudely Interrupted, her elegant chamber pop collaboration with social critic Anthony Haden Guest. But the simmering, noir version on her latest album Rebel Devil Rebel takes the energy up several notches. Listen here

Mesiko – Mockingbird
A distantly disquieting, pastorally-tinged art-rock anthem with early 70s Pink Floyd resonance: “Put away the mockingbird inside your lungs, keep your cellular calls to a minimum,” drummer Ray Rizzo sings as the band rises to a squall. From the album Solar Door. Listen here

Kelley Swindall – The Murder Song
A talking blues destined to become a Halloween classic. The dark Americana songstress credits her acting coach for helping her get in touch with her dark side on this one – yikes! From her album Pronounced [KEL-lee SWIN-dul] or something like that. Listen here

O’Death – Isavelle
The most ornate, and arguably most menacing track on the individualistic, creepy circus rock/Americana/noir cabaret band’s new album Out Of Hands We Go, a murder ballad fueled by Bob Pycior’s icepick violin. Listen here

Dina Regine – Broken
A brooding yet brisk latin-tinged groove with Steve Cropper-esque guitar: “You beat the wall for your past oppressor – sometimes spirits treat you real kind but most of the time they mess with your mind,” Regine sings with a gentle unease. From the New York soul-rock cult figure’s long-awaited album Right On, Alright. Listen here

Wounded Buffalo Theory – You Have Left Me
A gorgeously angst-fueled art-rock anthem that builds to a thicket of chiming guitars; axeman Kurt Leege takes a rare turn on lead vocals and knocks it out of the park. From the New York art-rockers’ album A Painting of Plans. Listen here, free download

Sam Llanas – To Where You Go From
The elegant, regret-laden final cut from the soulful BoDeans frontman’s new solo album The Whole Night Thru, a vivid, broodingly nocturnal highway theme. Watch the video (be careful – you may have to mute an ad at the beginning since this is a full album stream)

Jessi Robertson – You’re Gonna Burn
Deep inside this volcanic noir soul anthem, it’s a bitter, menacing blues, resonant, sustained lead guitar lines fueling its big upward trajectory as the New York noir Americana singer airs out her powerful voice. From the album I Came From the War. Listen here

Opal Onyx – Arrows Wing
The atmospheric New York art-rockers’ anthem begins as folk noir before rippling keys and atmospheric washes of cello take it even further into the shadows. From the album Delta Sands. Listen here

Metropolitan Klezmer – Baltic Blue
The shapeshifting klezmer/latin/psychedelic cumbia group cleverly move between grooves as alto saxophonist Debra Kreisberg’s slow, haunting theme heats up, mashing up the blues and Hava Nagila with soulful solos from throughout the band. From the live album Mazel Means Good Luck. Listen here

The Yiddish Art Trio – Guilt
Clarinet powerhouse Michael Winograd wrote this evocative, enveloping theme that pairs his wary, airy lines with dark, full-throttle washes from Patrick Farrell’s accordion, evoking the majesty of a classical organ prelude. From the group’s debut album. Listen here

Mark Sinnis – Your Past May Come Back to Haunt Me
Originally released by the dark country crooner’s original band, art-rockers Ninth House, this reinvents this haunting, crescendoing anthem as low-key but no less intense Americana. From the album album It’s Been a Long Cold Hard Lonely Winter. Here’s a live version

Robin Aigner – Greener
This pensive oldtimey number’s Gatsby-era setting is the exact opposite of what it seems to be, Rima Fand’s violin and Ray Sapirstein’s trumpet flying over a tensely flurrying, flamenco-tinged beat. From the brilliantly lyrical, deviously funny New York tunesmith/chanteuse’s album Con Tender. Listen here, free download

Jennifer Niceley – Land I Love
Swooshes and gentle booms from the drums and gorgeously lingering pedal steel color the song’s Lynchian Julee Cruise atmospherics, the Tennessee songstress brooding over her pastoral imagery and how that beauty “is never coming back.” From the album Birdlight. Listen here

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Nov 16~

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Nov 16~

Patrick and Eugene: Old Times
Jefferson Death Star: The Biggest Bandage in the World
Ghostfire: The Confession
5 Cent Coffee: One
Defunk: Scatman Crothers – Keep that Coffee Hot (Defunk remix)
Sterilize Stereo: Berzerka Mazurka
UC 64: In the Mood
DeVotchKa: Tragedy
Ennio Morricone: Waiting
Thomas Dolby: Leipzig
Kokusyoku Sumire: Sakai Ishi Shiawase na Hanayome
Valentine Wolfe: A Thousand Little Deaths
David Bowie: Changes
Destroy Nate Allen: I Wanna Let You Out of the Box
Zaz: La Fee
The Magnificent Seven: The Stand-Up Tragedian
The Flaming Stars: The Last Picture Show
Tom Waits: Strange Weather
A Hawk & A Hacksaw: Our Lady of Vlatva
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys:Cheer

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending Oct 26th~

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending Oct 26th~

Nathaniel Johnstone: Dance with Me
Moulettes: Constellations
Piñataland: Hiawatha
The Bad Things: Long Black Train
Muleskinner Jones: Song of the Rain
Jefferson Death Star: Hey, That’s My Grisham!
Cassettes: Sway Along
Thunder in the Valley: So the Story Goes
5 Cent Coffee: Blackout Mulitin
Unwoman: A Forest
Neko Case: Lady Pilot
The Gloria Darlings: Ghost Girl
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Deanna
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: HenKays
Amber Lee and the Anomalies: Beautiful Decay
HUMANWINE: Rivolta Silenziosa
Heroes for Hire: For Coyote
Circus Contraption: Hot Coals
The Doors: Love Me Two Times
Thomas Dolby: Pulp Culture

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Sept 14th~

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Sept 14th~

The Bad Things: Lincoln
Moulettes: Elegy
Heroes for Hire: Angry Generation
Zeptepi: Song About You
Reverend Glasseye & His Wooden Leg: Midnight Cabaret
Jefferson Death Star: Cryin’ Shame
DeVotchKa: Whiskey Breath
Jaggery: Hostage Heart
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Polyiset Tiet
Sweet Hollywaiians: Magic Ukulele Waltz
Frenchy and the Punk: Why Should I
Unwoman: Kids
5 Cent Coffee: Why We Gotta Talk About It?
Falsetto Teeth: Sweet Pill
Decemberists: My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
Vagabond Opera: Red Balloon
Christian Williams: Chaos
Morphine: Like a Mirror
The Folks Below: You Are Free
Evelyn Evelyn: A Campaign of Shock & Awe
Belle & Sebastian: A Summer Wasting
Good Co: Good Advice