Tempest & Johnstone vs Morbid Anatomy

I stopped in at the Addison Gallery to check out the new show by Morbid Anatomy, and I was able to catch a lovely, intimate performance by Tempest and Nathaniel Johnstone.

I snapped a few candids for you to enjoy:

You can catch Tempest and Nathaniel (with the full band) on Oct 16th:

Oct 16th~ The Underworld Ball

Oct 16th~ The Underworld Ball, Seattle WA

The Underworld Ball – 6:30-11pm
Hale’s Brewery Palladium Theater
A rocking evening to celebrate the conclusion of Waking Persephone with live music, performances, vending, and much more! Dress up, chill out, and have a great time! Our event is all ages!

2016 Musical Guests:
S. J. Tucker
The Ghosts Project
The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
(and tunes spun by DJ Pan!x)

Advanced General Admission
$15 per ticket, $25 per pair in advance (by October 13th). $20 per person at the door if space allows.

DJ Panix 6-16-16 playlist~

DJ Panix 6-16-16 playlist~

Firewater: Live in Seattle Oct 1 2012~
Firewater: Too Much (Is Never Enough)
Lou Reed: Think It Over
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine: Electronic Plantation
Loudmouths: Code Red
Reverend Glasseye: Blood ‘o Lambs
Corrosion of Conformity: Tarquinius Superbus
Eddie Cochran: Hallelujah! I Love Her So
Residents: He Also Serves
Dana Hart & Genie Loser: The Man Who Struck It Rich in the Klondike
EBN: Behavior Modification/We Will Rock You
Life in a Blender: Mamanna
Bloodhag: Henry Kutner & CL Moore
Black Velvet Flag: Code Blue
Subhumans: Firing Squad
Gunner’s Daughter: Dead On
Toxic Lounge: Breaking Test
Katzenjammer Kabarett: Percy has returned (the story of Percy, 3rd & last part)
Parasites: Dennis’ Excellent Haircut
Meathead: Large American Jaw
Danzig: Kiss the Skull
Pinebox Serenade: The Lash
Blondie: Sunday Girl
Jerry’s Kids: No Time
LaDonnas: Destruction Man
Dinosaur Truckers: Black Ship
The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus: Quick Joey Small
Nkansah & Yaanom: Peri Dwe
Ando Ehlers: Bastard’s Lullaby
Quinn Scharber & the…: Eye for a Camera
Alice Cooper: I’ll Still Be
Ghost: Monstrance Clock
Sad Bastard Book Club: The Sewer Rat Jamboree
Armando Trovajol: Who’s My Wife’s Lover?
Husker Du: Gilligan’s Island
Toy Dolls: Dougy Giro
Pan Pan: Calvin Frank Thomas
17 Pygmies: Celestina XI
The Fitness: Booty
Sleep Chamber: Anakonda
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Blue Angel
Patsy Cline: Back in Baby’s Arms
Schoolyard Heroes: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Umber Sleeping: Saturn Sequence
Rasputina: My Soul
Yaphet Kotto: Suffocate
Iggy Pop: Girls
J Marinelli: Now that You’ve Been Exposed
Jefferson Death Star: A Career Retrospective
Pastels: Been So Long
Hank Williams: Hey, Good Lookin’
National Wake: Speed It Up
Nathaniel Johnstone: Avi Solym
Sea of Tombs: Glass Sun
Sons of Hippies: The Soft Parade
Against All Authority: Pestilent Existence
Muzza Monroe & Lushous Strings: In Your Hand
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Kooler than Jesus
White Wrench Conservatory: Abacus & Tell
Screaming Headless Torsos: Running Black Water
Morphine: Test Tube Baby/Shoot ’em Down
James Brown: Think
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Who Do You Love
Success: Head for the Hills
Abney Park: The End of Days
The Alarm: The Deceiver
Brownsville Station: Mama Don’t Allow No Parkin’
Mother of Sorrows: The Dreary Day
Kim Vermillion: First the Bees…
Electric Kisses: Your Own Bad Day
Marginal Man: Missing Rungs
Nine Inch Nails: Eraser (polite)
Clare Fader: Isle of Summer
Terry Lee Hale: Dead Is Dead
Fishbone: And They Prey on You
The Humpers: (I’m) Watching You
The Gloria Darlings: Ghost Girl
Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man
The Cramps: Don’t Get Funny with Me
David Bowie: Song for Bob Dylan
This Way to the Egress: Hop Town

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week ending June 12th

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week ending June 12th

Absinthe Rose: Bread & Booze
Debo Band: Habesha
Fruit Jar Guzzlers: Steel Driving Man
Beausoleil: Travailler, c’est trop dûr
The Sweet Trade: Julie
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Cath & Phil Tyler: Bonnie George Campbell
Not Waving But Drowning: St Valentine’s Day
Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants: Here is the Sea
The Builders and The Butchers: The Snow
Aeon Now: King Cockroach
Edith Wilson: Rules & Regulations, signed Razor Jim
World/Inferno Friendship Society: Jeffrey Lee
Abney Park: The Ballad of Ranch Hand Robbie
Nathaniel Johnstone: Flyover Country
Adrian H & the Wounds: Dog Solitude
Chronilus: Longing
Jefferson Death Star: Hey, that’s MY Grisham

The Cog is Dead at the Brass Screw Confederacy~ June 11th

The Cog is Dead at the Brass Screw Confederacy~ June 11th

The Cog is Dead are performing at this year’s Brass Screw Confederacy in Port Townsend WA:
The three day event starts on Friday the 10th, but The Cog is Dead are headlining the Hootenany on Saturday the 11th.
Also on the bill are (The) Nathaniel (The) Johnstone (The) Band, Mr Johnstone will also be joining in with The Cog is Dead, making this a very special performance indeed.

If you’re in town on Friday, June 10th there’s even MORE great performances:
Including the super swell Hot Damn Scandal~

Steampunk-Music Reviews: The Mother Matrix by Nathaniel Johnstone

Steampunk-Music.com has a review up of The Mother Matrix by Nathaniel Johnstone,
check it out here:

Review: The Mother Matrix
by Mark Rossmore

Experience the vibrant musical colors of The Nathaniel Johnstone Band’s latest offering.

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band’s been on a roll these past few years. Their previous two releases were full-on concept albums, the first on fairy tales, the second Greek mythology. Each was widely praised—and deservedly so.

We now welcome their third album, The Mother Matrix. Are their gears showing signs of grinding down? Not a chance. Here, the theme is looser, but no less expressive. A tight, eleven track collection, The Mother Matrix is perhaps their most personal work yet. Inspired by a painting by band member (and phenomenal artist and dancer) Laura “Tempest” Zakroff, the album weaves in bits of science, steampunk, existentialism, social commentary, and plain ol’ love.

“Seven Veils” kicks off the album, slippery bass guitar and Tom Coyne’s slithering hi-hat working sensual magic. It’s a classic NJB track, and a great album opener that showcases Kate “Dogwood” McKnight’s vocals.

Multi-instrumentalist Johnstone and Dogwood trade off lead vocal duties throughout the album. He’s in the forefront on “All in All”. The song pours forth optimism by the bucketful, its cheerful perspective on life’s troubles drawing smiles from me on each listen. They Might Be Giants fans will find much to like here in its catchy disposition.

“The Spark” is a punk-glam explosion, the fever dream of a mad scientist who’s spent the past year listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show in his laboratory. “There’s science to do!” Dogwood cries as she blows the doors off the song, Johnstone’s guitar driving home the insanity.

In “Little Star”, the band paints an ode to the enigmatic, inspirational musician David Bowie, painting him lyrics such as, “Glistening in nighttime London dew, a delicate thing, a colorful youth.” “The alien man upon the stairs,” was ahead of his time, a point Dogwood drives home when she sings, “In a dream I saw my future, and it’s hard to admit, ‘How did he know?'” It’s a very moving tribute.

Johnstone’s on lead vocals for the next four tracks. His vocals, already very good on his first two releases, continue to get better and better with each album. He’s got an earnest integrity to his delivery that tells you he means what he says.

“Please tell me, what is this life?” he asks on “Mother Matrix (Part 1)”, the poignant, philosophical title track where a mechanized being ponders its own consciousness and origins. The subsequent track, “Traveling”, takes us along on a psychedelic journey through memories and the fourth dimension.

The planet Mars has been headlining in the media lately, from liquid water discoveries, rover exploration, The Martian, and the proposed Mars One one-way ticket to the red planet. On “One Way Trip to Mars”, Johnstone and crew playfully-yet-fatalistically riff on the Mars One concept, cheerfully singing, “You can share my last breaths, and I can share yours… on a planet inhabited entirely by robots.” It’s a whimsically grim tale, another one for the TMBG fans.

Johnstone shows his sarcastic side in “Why Reason?”, an airy-but-bitter commentary on the twisted state of world affairs. It turns benevolent creeds on their heads through lyrics such as, “Destroy thy neighbor,” “Compassion is for the weak,” and “Brother kill thy brother over books long out of date.” The chorus taunts the purveyors’ of such misguided ideas with the simple question: “Why reason? It’s so hard to do.” Hear, hear, Brother Johnstone. Why is it so damn hard, indeed?

We return to a heavier sound and a front-and-center Dogwood on “Going Gone”. Calling this song “motivational” would be like calling the Graf Zeppelin “big”. It’s a kickass, energetic track that’s sure to make its way on to many dance and workout playlists. “This is no dry run…,” Dogwood sings. “You only get one spin around the sun.”

“The Crossroads (Part 3)” leads off with martial drums and bass and chilling background vocals, giving rise to a song which could be a cousin to “Stone Woman” off their previous release. We close out with the brief and slinky-sweet “On the Beach”, an acoustic reflection on Johnstone and Tempest’s relationship (if I’m not mistaken, I believe they were married by the sea).

Nathaniel Johnstone Band fans and newcomers will find much to love on The Mother Matrix. The band’s continual stylistic and thematic leaps from track to track always keep things fresh to the ears and the mind. Ponder life’s meaning? Rock your face off? Question the state of the world? Dance ’til your feet hurt?  This album can make you do all that and more.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing~ US Tour!

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing~ US Tour!

Steam(ed)PUNK legends The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing are touring the United States for the first time!

The UK’s biggest SteamPUNK band on their first US tour!

*†- w/ Frenchy & The Punk
*- w/ Frenchy & The Punk AND The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
**- w/ Frenchy & The Punk AND Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

Click below to see all tour dates!

May 6- Pittsburgh, PA – Trundle Manor
7724 Juniata St, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

May 7 – Cincinnati OH – Molly Malone’s*
112 E 4th St, Covington, KY 41011

May 8 – Detroit, MI- PJ’s Lager House*
1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

May 9 – Chicago, IL – Reggies Chicago*
2105 South St, Chicago

May 11- Indianapolis – The White Rabbit Cabaret*
1116 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN. 46203

May 13-15 Piscataway NJ – Steampunk Worlds Fair*
Radisson Hotel, 21 Kingsbridge Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, United States

May 17 – Kingston, NY – The Anchor **
744 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401, United States

May 18 – Providence, RI – Dusk Club**
301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI 02909, United States

May 19 – Boston, MA – Once Ballroom**
156 Highland Avenue, Somerville, 617-285-0167

May 20 – New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine**
250 State St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States

May 21 – New York City – The Delancey**
168 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002, United States

May 24- Washington DC – The Black Cat*†
1811 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

May 25- Greenville, South Carolina
The Radio Room
2845 N. Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville, NC 29609

May 26- Atlanta, GA – Red Light Cafe*†
553 Amsterdam Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30306

May 28- San Jose, CA, Clockwork Alchemy
DoubleTree Hotel
2050 Gateway Pl, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

The Underworld Ball~ Oct 18th, Seattle WA

The Underworld Ball~ Oct 18th, Seattle WA


The Underworld Ball – 6:30-11pm
Hale’s Brewery Palladium Theater~ 4301 Leary Way Northwest
Seattle WA

A rocking evening to celebrate the conclusion of Waking Persephone with live music, performances, vending, and much more! Dress up, chill out, and have a great time! Our event is all ages!

Musical Guests:
The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
& DJ Pan!x

Vendors include:
Arctic Phoenix Studios
Tinplate Studios – Steampunk Wonders and Bodgery
Tormented Artifacts
T.M. Originals

Advanced General Admission*
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

VIP Tickets (limited to 13)*
$25 per person which includes early doors (at 6pm with band member meet & greet), signed poster, and swag – proceeds benefit our scholarship fund.


Sepiachord playlist for the week ending May 17th~

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending May 17th~

Mojo Juju & the Snake Oil Merchants: But I Do
RPM Orchestra: Song of Sheba
Aaron J Shay: Your Savior Isn’t Coming
Stella Peach: The Fool
Dresden Dolls: Sing
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Malta Shan
Chronilus: The Mummer’s Dance
The Builders and The Butchers: No Roses
Paul Mercer: Passages
The Debaucherauntes: Song of the Count
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: People Ain’t No Good
Time Moth Eye: The Jesters Harp
Cassettes: Far Too Long
Steroid Maximus: Life in the Greenhouse Effect
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: The Curse of Cain
Positronic Cats: Love Is Impossible
The Dad Horse Experience: In My Time of Dying
Tiger Lillies: My Funny Valentine
Christian Williams: Free State
Not Waving But Drowning: Chestnut
Blackbird Raum: All that Praises
A Hawk & A Hacksaw: Goodbye British Empire
Nathaniel Johnstone: Who Mourns Eos?
The Gloria Darlings: Like a Prayer
Firewater: The Vegas Strip