Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Nov 2nd

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Nov 2nd

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending Jan 25th~ #playlist #steampunkmusic #gloriadarlingsThe Gloria Darlings: Emma’s Lament
Blackbird Raum: The Man in the Bog
Good Co: Good Advice
Rasputina: Olde Dance
The Doubleclicks: Apostrophe
Professor Elemental: I’m British
Destroy Nate Allen: Emergency
Tom Waits: Lucky Day Overture
Sharon Knight: Conjurer
The Debaucherauntes: Nigun
Unwoman: Xo
God’s Favorite Beefcake: House on Fire
Autumn Tears: The Ebony Meadow
Absinthe Rose: Arrow Wind
Gunnelpumpers: Earthing
Danbert Nobacon: To Be or Not to Be?
Voltaire: Accordion Player
Stone Breath: Trotterhead
Dogwood: King of Death
Vagabond Opera: The Last Dance
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Behave

DJ Panix Underworld Ball playlist~

DJ Panix Underworld Ball playlist~

White Magic: The Light
Jingo: Fever
Black Angels: Soul Kitchen
The Bad Things: The Breaking
AFI: Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)
The Doors: Ships w/ Sails
Wartorn: Blood Thirsty System
Jello Biafra & the New Orleans Raunch & Soul All Stars: Judy in Disguise
Ghost (BC): Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
Success: Revolution/Schmevolution
The Builders and The Butchers: Desert on Fire
Screaming Headless Torsos: Brooce Swayne
Professor Elemental: I’m British
Twisted Sister: We’re Not Gonna Take It
Suburban Mutilation: Daddy Was a Nazi
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: Old Time Religion
Minutemen: If Reagan Played Disco
Aerosmith: Dream On
Ruby Throat: Salto Angel

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Oct 16th

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Oct 16th

“St James Infirmary …

God’s Favorite Beefcake: House on Fire
Cath & Phil Tyler: Boys the Buzzards are Flying
RPM Orchestra: Bury Mine
Blackbird Raum: Beast of Carthage
Kate Bush: The Man with the Child in His Eyes
The Debaucherauntes: Goldenshtaynd
Michelle Shocked: Black Widow
Professor Elemental: I’m British
Slack Bird: Rose o’ Mine
Festival: Fair and True
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: Inheritor’s Powder
Morphine: Cure for Pain
Voodoo Organist: That’s Just the Way It Is
Neko Case: Tightly
Peter Gabriel: In Doubt
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Bat Country: For a Good Time, Dig Here
Klezmatics: Tsiveles Bulgar
Dogwood: King of Death
Nervous Cabaret: Mel Gibson
The Mountain Apple Epidemic: Fenced-In Heavens
Tom Waits: Lucky Day

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Oct 9th

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Oct 9th

Sharon Knight: Scent of Your Skin
Positronic Cats: A Song in the Dark
Martha Redbone Roots Project: The Fly
The Two Poor Boys: Two White Horses in a Line
Johnny Cash: My God Is Real
The Voodoo Gang: N’Nang
Carolina Chocolate Drops & Luminescent Orchestrii: Short Dress Gal
Voodoo Organist: Here Comes Armageddon!
Modest Mouse: This Devil’s Workday
RPM Orchestra: Decomposing Claude Debussy
Robin Aigner: Francais Salé
Aaron J Shay: The Things We’ll Never Do
Jo Gabriel: The Sun King
The Kropotkins: On the Wall
Creatures: Morriña
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Children of the Cauldron
Slack Bird: Danuta
Professor Elemental: Alright
Unwoman: Hey Jude
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: Miner
The Debaucherauntes: Nakht In Gan Eydn
Brian Dewan: The Creatures
Cath & Phil Tyler: Bonnie George Campbell
Kronos Quartet: Dracula
OldBoy: Samson
Firewater: Hold On, Slow John
Heroes for Hire: For Coyote
Paulina Cassidy: Dance of the Invisible
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: Johnny

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Sept 28th

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Sept 28th

OldBoy: Death
.357 String Band: Holy Water
Stone Breath: The Singing Corpse
Groovy Wallpaper: Coda
Robin Aigner: El Paraiso
Voltaire: Accordion Player
Positronic Cats: Heart of the Sea
Brown Bird: Severed Soul
Cath & Phil Tyler: Fathers Now Our Meeting Is Over
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: A Clean Sweep
Tom Waits: Strange Weather
Professor Elemental: Under Command of the King
Sweet Hollywaiians: Sing Sing Sing
RPM Orchestra: Switchback
Rhubarb Whiskey: Whiskey Neat
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Tiger Lillies: Weeping Chandelier
The Debaucherauntes: Goldenshtaynd
Dimestore Troubadours: Wooden Kimono
Gunnelpumpers: Buffalo Jump
Circus Contraption: Spook-o-rama
Peculiar Pretzelmen: Dead Hand
Jill Tracy: Grey #11
Unwoman: More

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Aug 14th

Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Aug 14th
Professor Elemental: I’m British
RPM Orchestra: Bait & Switch
Fermata: Instinct as Eyes
Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne
Positronic Cats: The Beautiful Chaos of Time
The Kropotkins: The Moon’s Already Down
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: The Worst Sideshow Ever
The Doubleclicks: Love You Like a Burrito
Ennio Morricone: The Battle of Algiers
Sad Bastard Book Club: Do You Know What Two Cents Would Have Bought You in My Day
Voodoo Organist: The End of This World Part 2
Veil: Estat
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Tom McSod: How You Look (When You Lie)
The Debaucherauntes: Daughter
Gunnelpumpers: Sparkleboat
Robin Aigner: Wayfaring Stranger
Insomniac Folklore: Sleep in Your Car
Max Raabe und dem Palastorchester: Bongo Bongo (King of Bongo)
OldBoy: Pink Ribbons
Geinho Yamashirogumi: Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
Magnetic Fields: I Was Born
Ghoultown: Requiem at Sundown
Cath & Phil Tyler: Boys the Buzzards are Flying
The Folks Below: Rope Climb
Ilya Monosov: My Dear

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending July 10th

Sepiachord playlist for the week ending July 10th

The Debaucherauntes: Different Parade
Paul Mercer: Ghosts
Gothic Archies: No One Cares How You Feel
Nouvelle Vague: A Forest
Professor Elemental: Town Called Nowhere
Midnight Serenaders: My Carolina Sunshine Girl
Combustible Edison: Mr Pushkin Came to Shove
Piñataland: The Dreadful Night
The Scarring Party: Anywhere
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: Third Class Coffin
Firewater: Three Legged Dog
Time Moth Eye: Blood on the Snow
Reverend Glasseye: Last Standing Man
Jorge Reyes: Dance!
The Dad Horse Experience: Wayfaring Stranger
The Church of Abject Sorrow: Like a Ghost
Balustrade Ensemble: Synnove Skeie
The Kropotkins: Cricket Blues
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Pallin’ with Al
Danbert Nobacon & The Bad Things: Nobody Here But Me

Professor Elemental- still British

The Profound & Prolific Professor (Elemental) has a new version of his classic “I’m British” available at “name your price”.

Blimey, bit of a mess out there isn’t it? Don’t worry, you’ll be fine…. Have a sit down. Here’s a cuppa, a biscuit and  a new song. 

If you’re feeling like you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself at the moment, well, you’re not alone. You can always start the week by doing something good and buying the new version of ‘I’m British‘, all of the proceeds of which will go to the amazing charity, Refugee Action.
Please do share this track around, the more money we can make for Refugee Action, the more people they will be able to help. Do check out their website for more about what they do. 

The track has been rewritten and re-recorded as an answer to all the nastiness we’re seeing out there of late. With so much nonsense about, it’s up to each and every one of us to do nice things to balance it out. Thanks to Tom Caruana, Matt Wilkinson, Flevans Bob Molesworth and everyone who offered help to make this song.”

I’m British (redux)

by Professor Elemental

Here to bring you a little sunshine on this most gloomy of Summers- the ‘I’m British (redux)’ has arrived! All proceeds will go to the charity, Refugee Action and will help with their vital work empowering and enabling displaced people from around the world.

The track comes with exclusive art by Bob Molesworth.

Thank you for your support! Oh and please do share the song and the links to the charity.

Produced by Tom Caruana. Kindly re-recorded by Matt Wilkinson at Gull studios and mixed by Flevans. Cover by Bob Molesworth.

I’m British (redux)
by Professor Elemental

Out Now: Professor Elemental~ Apequest

Out Now: Professor Elemental~ Apequest

Professor Elemental’s new collection of chap-hop mayhem and mirth is upon us!


“The greatest adventure of all time! Over 22 thrilling tracks, Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana take you through time and space in search of Geoffery, the missing ape companion! Guest stars include Nick Maxwell, Steam Powered Giraffe, Jon Clark, Teej and many more. Each CD copy of the album comes with full colour wraparound art by Charlie Adlard. You have never heard a rap album like this…”

You can hear all of the ditty “Inn at the End of Time” here:

The album has been released as a CD+download set or download (alone), there’s an accompanying script and comic book, OR:


‘”ecause YOU demanded it! This limited edition set comes with everything you need to travel time and space! The glorious album in a full colour digipack A code to download the album as mp3 The full length, full colour comic book The exclusive full script, illustrated throughtout. But, that’s not all- you also get four collector’s edition postcards and an Apequest badge!

These are limited to 200, so grab them while you can!”

There is also, of course, TEA!

Geoffery’s Blend: Assam Breakfast Tea

“Gorgeous Breakfast Tea, ideal for starting the day the right way. This loose Assam tea blend comes in 250g packets, complete with exclusive art by the wonderful Tom Brown.”

Click here to order any/all of the above: