Sepiachord in Vintage Tomorrows~

Sepiachord in Vintage Tomorrows~

Sepiachord’s own Mr Bodewell is featured in this steampunk documentary:
Vintage Tomorrows~ out July 19th

VINTAGE TOMORROWS is a documentary film examining the steampunk movement’s explosive growth, origins, and cultural significance. It explores the fundamental questions: What is steampunk, and why does it seem to be suddenly everywhere? Beyond that, what can we learn about today and tomorrow from steampunk’s playful visions of yesteryear?”

Presenting the cast of Vintage Tomorrows #19: Jordan Bodewell of Sepiachord

Jordan is the founder of Sepiachord. As they put it, “It is to music what ‘steampunk’ is to literature and cinema: something that looks back to the past to comment on the present while looking sideways at the future.” Through their website, Jordan and his crew seek to showcase both steampunk and other retrofuturistic types of music. Jordan took part in the Vintage Tomorrows dinner, and we also caught up with him at the Time Travelers’ Swap Meet, The Seattle Steampunk Soiree, and GEAR Con, where he was interviewed individually. Jordan’s interview touched on history, culture, and storytelling, but most of all, when asked to sum up steampunk, he put it simply: “It’s fun!
Check out Sepiachord at

‪#‎VintageTomorrows‬ is available for Pre-Order on DVD and iTunes. Buy your copy today for July 19:

Sat. May 17th~ Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale~ Seattle WA

Sat. May 17th~ Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale~ Seattle WA

Come visit Sepiachord and a slew of steampunk-friendly merchants!

Mark your calendars! Just in time to find great things to wear to Brass Screw and GEARcon, we will be hosting another Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale.

May 17th
Noon – 6:00 PM
Lower Level of the All Pilgrims’ Church
500 Broadway
Seattle, WA

Lots of clothes, jewelry, accessories, and much more!
One of the most unique sales in the city.
Come by and check us out!

**deepest apologies, but the basement is not wheelchair accessible**

Jordan Bodewell Nominated for Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award~

Jordan Bodewell Nominated for Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Award~

(Mr) Jordan Bodewell, from,, Steamcon and all around Pacific Northwest Gadabout, has been nominated for the “Steampunk Heart of Brass” Category in this year’s Steampunk Chronicle Reader’s Choice Awards.

He is in excellent company having been nominated with H.M. (from The Gin Rebellion) and Captain Bill Bill (Bill Harrison to his kith & associates).

He is terribly honored to in such good company!

Vote for here:


“The Past is the Future: Steampunk in Current Day Media” – g00133339’s blog

“The Past is the Future: Steampunk in Current Day Media” –  g00133339’s blog

g00133339 has some brief thoughts on steampunk, check them out here:


Model – Ruby Stardust
MUA, hair, fashion styling – Ruby Stardust
Production Concept – Colour Law
Photographer – Doug Rand
Assistant – Janice Rabideaux

“The Past is the Future: Steampunk in Current Day Media


Recently appearing in pop culture and media, the subculture of Steampunk is making its emergence into the present day light.

Caitlin Kittredge, who writes fantasy novels, says “It’s sort of Victorian-industrial, but with more whimsy and fewer orphans.”


Steampunk, beginning as a literature subgenre, has now been seen in movies like Sherlock Holmes, the British show Dr. Who as well as reality shows like SyFy’s Face  Off. People attend conventions and dress in, oftentimes, elaborate costumes festooned with gears, goggles and top hats. There are also Steampunk bands that make their own instruments, such as Abney Park.


Captain Robert, Abney Park’s founder, says Steampunk is “It’s the perfect hybrid of the era of Adventure, and our modern excitement with gizmos and gadgets vehicles. It allows a day dream where nothing cool is left out!”





Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Dec 8th~

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Dec 8th~

"Scorpio live in Seattle 4-13-13" by Jaggery is the Sepiachord Video of the Day:
(via "Scorpio live in Seattle 4-13-13" by Jaggery is the Sepiachord Video of the Day:)

Jaggery: Hostage Heart
The Doors: Alabama Song*
Bat Country: All Hail Horror
Rhubarb Whiskey: Gravedigger
Hellblinki: Wicked World
Sweet Hollywaiians: 12th Street Rag
Magnetic Fields: The Sung Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing
Split Lip Rayfield: Union Man
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Cheer**
Tom McSod: Homeward Bound (again)
Zeptepi: Patricia Anne’s Waltz
Nathaniel Johnstone: Frog and Toad
Old Boy: Toward Abyss
The Scarring Party: Revelator
Gunnelpumpers: Mundus
Victor Sierra: Freyleche Apocalypse
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: Sugar for the Horses
Degenerate Art Ensemble: Lucky
Unwoman: Fugue Fugue
A Halo Called Fred: We Love You All
Ando Ehlers: Rust Belt Scream
Peculiar Pretzelmen: Dirty Susan
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: Green Shirt
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Nuotiolla Mieron
Squeeze-bot: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Harley Poe: Ima Killer
Voodoo Organist: Dancing with Mr Dee
Amber Lee and the Anomalies: Caught in Your Tune
Tallboys: Old Bunch of Keys
Sons of Perdition: Night Passage
Ghoultown: Return of the Living Dead
Valentine Wolfe: The Oval Portrait
Tiger Lillies: Flowers

*Happy Birthday Jim Morrison!!!
** Happy Birtday Edrie!!!!

“Black Friday”?… NO MORE! DIY FRIDAY!

“Black Friday”?… NO MORE! DIY FRIDAY!

We’ve had enough.

Enough of a holiday overshadowed by brainless consumerism.

Enough of people defining themselves by what they can buy, or how much they “saved”.


Make something yourself today.

Make gifts to give. Make art to enjoy. Make a meal yourself. Make something/anything.

Learn and be proud of what YOU can do.

If nothing else MAKE YOUR ROOM CLEAN.

If you feel like it, send us pictures or samples of your creations.

You CAN do it!

– Jennifer & Jordan


Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Nov 17th~

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending Nov 17th~

A Halo Called Fred: Drinking for Science
Sweet Hollywaiians: Please
Gunnelpumpers: Bottley Functions
Jaggery: No Sympathy
Harley Poe: Taxidermy Girl
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: OpenArmsEmptyAir 2011
Sons of Perdition: Profane the Night
Luz Gaxiola: Song from Haight and Fillmore
Victor Sierra: La Carte des Mondes Perdus
Harlequin Jones: Overflow
Professor Elemental: The Great Race
Old Boy: Jack’s Luck Runs Out
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: A Hundred Dollars
Bat Country: Strictly Speaking
White Magic: Song of Solomon
Decemberists: Leslie Anne Levine
Nathaniel Johnstone: Amanita Ocreata
Ando Ehlers: Wanderer
A Midnite Choir: Physical Withdrawls
Valentine Wolfe: Annabel Lee
The Fall Down Drunks: Burn
Voodoo Organist: Ain’t Dead Yet
Zeptepi: Anne’s Waltz
Rhubarb Whiskey: Knock ’em Down
Tom Slatter: These Tiny Things are Haunting Me
DakhaBrakha: Please Don’t Cry
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Dead Cowboys
Hot Damn Scandal: Timbuktu
The Crux: Walls for the Poor
The Dad Horse Experience: Dried Out River
Abe Elenkrig & Orchestra: Nit Ba Mitin
Painted Saints: I Am No Match for Greater Minds
Belle & Sebastian: Is It Wicked not to Care?

Abney Park~ New Year’s Eve, Columbia City Theater (Seattle WA)

Abney Park~ New Year’s Eve, Columbia City Theatre (Seattle WA)

Tuesday Dec 31, 2013~

This New Years Eve, at the beautiful Columbia City Theater, join Abney Park along with a host of dancers, aerialists, fire performers, contortionists, and more, for Abney Park’s New Years Eve Circus At The End Of The World!

The Columbia City Theater is a beautiful Victorian Vaudeville Theater that was renovated in the 90’s into a beautiful recording studio and concert venue. Every element of this space has been created to capture perfect sound. Its a beautiful and intimate environment, filled with old world charm.

The show will be recorded, and made into an Abney Park live album. Be a part of this historic event!

As special feature of this show we will be mailing you full color glossy tickets. This will allow you to give this New Years Eve event as a christmas present to your loved one! During the concert, get these tickets autographed as a souvenir keepsake.
More details to come.”

Featuring DJ skills as exhibited by Sepiachord’s own Mr Bodewell!

Facebook Event Page:

Buy tickets here: