Help Ann and Tony Stop Foreclosure

Two of our favorite makers (as well as good friends) need help or they’ll lose their home:

“You last heard from us through this venue about 6 months ago, when so many of you, so generously, helped us by providing funds to allow us to pay some bills, catch up on our first mortgage, and put a temporary tarp over what was left of our roof. (That’s where the initial $4,885 went…and why it says we want such a big honking number – we’re trying to raise $5,000 now.) I got some temporary contract work, we did a few shows for Tony’s business, Tinplate Studios, and we squeaked along until now. What we were not able to do was make a couple of past due payments on our second mortgage, and the mortgage holder, Washington State Employee’s Credit Union (WSECU), is now foreclosing on our house. The foreclosure sale is set for September 9th, in less than 2 weeks.”

Other ways you can help –

1. Buy things from us!
Tony’s Etsy shop is . (It may be several weeks processing time, but he promises it’ll be well worth the wait.)
Ann’s Etsy shop is (This will soon be filled with treasures such as vintage hats, clothes, jewelry cocktail sets, tea pots and salt and pepper shakers.) You can also buy Ann’s books from her directly (Images of America: Seattle’s Ravenna Neighborhood, and Images of America: Frederick & Nelson.)

2. Let Ann know about job leads!
Here’s my LinkedIn profile to get an idea of what I can do – .

3. Promote Tony’s work!
Etsy –
Facebook –
Twitter – @tinplatestudios
Instagram – Tinplatestudios
Tumblr – chattergrub

4. All the wonderful things you already do! Thank you so much for all your support!

Sepiachord in Vintage Tomorrows~

Sepiachord in Vintage Tomorrows~

Sepiachord’s own Mr Bodewell is featured in this steampunk documentary:
Vintage Tomorrows~ out July 19th

VINTAGE TOMORROWS is a documentary film examining the steampunk movement’s explosive growth, origins, and cultural significance. It explores the fundamental questions: What is steampunk, and why does it seem to be suddenly everywhere? Beyond that, what can we learn about today and tomorrow from steampunk’s playful visions of yesteryear?”

Presenting the cast of Vintage Tomorrows #19: Jordan Bodewell of Sepiachord

Jordan is the founder of Sepiachord. As they put it, “It is to music what ‘steampunk’ is to literature and cinema: something that looks back to the past to comment on the present while looking sideways at the future.” Through their website, Jordan and his crew seek to showcase both steampunk and other retrofuturistic types of music. Jordan took part in the Vintage Tomorrows dinner, and we also caught up with him at the Time Travelers’ Swap Meet, The Seattle Steampunk Soiree, and GEAR Con, where he was interviewed individually. Jordan’s interview touched on history, culture, and storytelling, but most of all, when asked to sum up steampunk, he put it simply: “It’s fun!
Check out Sepiachord at

‪#‎VintageTomorrows‬ is available for Pre-Order on DVD and iTunes. Buy your copy today for July 19:

The Cog is Dead at the Brass Screw Confederacy~ June 11th

The Cog is Dead at the Brass Screw Confederacy~ June 11th

The Cog is Dead are performing at this year’s Brass Screw Confederacy in Port Townsend WA:
The three day event starts on Friday the 10th, but The Cog is Dead are headlining the Hootenany on Saturday the 11th.
Also on the bill are (The) Nathaniel (The) Johnstone (The) Band, Mr Johnstone will also be joining in with The Cog is Dead, making this a very special performance indeed.

If you’re in town on Friday, June 10th there’s even MORE great performances:
Including the super swell Hot Damn Scandal~

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing~ US Tour!

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing~ US Tour!

Steam(ed)PUNK legends The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing are touring the United States for the first time!

The UK’s biggest SteamPUNK band on their first US tour!

*†- w/ Frenchy & The Punk
*- w/ Frenchy & The Punk AND The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
**- w/ Frenchy & The Punk AND Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

Click below to see all tour dates!

May 6- Pittsburgh, PA – Trundle Manor
7724 Juniata St, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

May 7 – Cincinnati OH – Molly Malone’s*
112 E 4th St, Covington, KY 41011

May 8 – Detroit, MI- PJ’s Lager House*
1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

May 9 – Chicago, IL – Reggies Chicago*
2105 South St, Chicago

May 11- Indianapolis – The White Rabbit Cabaret*
1116 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN. 46203

May 13-15 Piscataway NJ – Steampunk Worlds Fair*
Radisson Hotel, 21 Kingsbridge Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854, United States

May 17 – Kingston, NY – The Anchor **
744 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401, United States

May 18 – Providence, RI – Dusk Club**
301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI 02909, United States

May 19 – Boston, MA – Once Ballroom**
156 Highland Avenue, Somerville, 617-285-0167

May 20 – New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine**
250 State St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States

May 21 – New York City – The Delancey**
168 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002, United States

May 24- Washington DC – The Black Cat*†
1811 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

May 25- Greenville, South Carolina
The Radio Room
2845 N. Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville, NC 29609

May 26- Atlanta, GA – Red Light Cafe*†
553 Amsterdam Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30306

May 28- San Jose, CA, Clockwork Alchemy
DoubleTree Hotel
2050 Gateway Pl, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

Absinthe Heroes: The Darkly Humorous Steampunk Rock Opera~ kickstarter

Absinthe Heroes: The Darkly Humorous Steampunk Rock Opera~ kickstarter

Absinthe Heroes is a propulsive, darkly humorous rock opera which both satirizes and celebrates the weird, wondrous world which is steampunk.  It’s got a gorgeous score by renowned steampunk headliner Psyche Corporation, whose work has enthralled audiences all over the world.  Absinthe Heroes has been described as “a riotous blending of the ridiculous and the sublime”; “mad science in theatrical form”, and “a steampunk roller-coaster”.  It’s chock full of surprises, plot twists, Easter eggs, and, just as things are starting to get seriously silly, it arcs into exhilarating drama and storytelling.”


Washington Times interview: Rasputina~

Washington Times interview: Rasputina~

Rasputina: ‘Corsets, Cellos and Rock ‘n’ Roll’

– – Monday, October 19, 2015

Led by steampunk goddess Melora Creager, the gothic cello rock trio Rasputina has been pushing the musical envelope since the early 1990s. Their work features a flurry of clever tunes about powerful female figures in ancient history played on classical instruments with the the fervor of rock. Think Jimmy Page with a horsehair bow. (Yeah, we know.) Away from the band Miss Creager also toured with Nirvana on their final tour.

In advance of Rasputina’s Baltimore show at Ottobar Tuesday, Miss Creager spoke about men in corsets, how to rock the cello, her days on tour with Nirvana and why their latest CD, “Unknown,” won’t be available online. Ever.

Question: How did Raputina come together in the early 1990s?

Answer: I put a “wanted” ad in the back of the Village Voice [in New York]. That was how everyone made a band back then.

Q: Did you have a full vision of the look and sound of the band beforehand?

A: Yes, even before I was able to sing very well. It was an artistic compulsion, something I just had to do, to force myself to do. Like me, a lot of performers are very shy, and performing is a controlled way to communicate with people. Just out of art school, I wrote a manifesto — the point being well-trained, well-brought-up young ladies playing rock music. On the cello, of course.

Q: Why gothic cello rock?

A: I don’t consider myself or the band gothic, except maybe in a literary sense. When I was younger, I was embarrassed to express positivity, because it wasn’t authentic to me.

Q: When did the idea come to you to combine history with music?

A: Since I was a little girl writing songs, it’s been the same: songs based on historical incident or an antique photograph.

Q: How many former members has Rasputina had?

A: How many members of Nine Inch Nails have there been? I don’t know.

Q: Is it hard to keep band members together?

A: Over 20 years and still kicking. Someone plays with me eight to 10 years, and that longevity isn’t commented on, but rather that they left. A touring band is an abnormally close relationship. Performers have large egos and dreams. I think it’s gone pretty well.

Q: Was there a shift creatively when you let male members in the band?

A: Each person brings their unique qualities, but it’s not about gender. Each male member has been rather androgynous anyway, whereas the females have always been exclusively feminine.

Q: Do the guys have to wear corsets as well?

A: They don’t have to, they want to. They always end up trying ours on and liking the feeling. Every guy is glad for an excuse to drag out.

Q: When not performing, do you dress down?

A: Yes, but my trademark style is truly mine and carries over. I never wear pants, only dresses and skirts. Feathers in the hair are good to shake up the everyday. Corsets for daywear? No thanks.

Q: Do you consider yourself a pioneer of the “steampunk” movement?

A: I do. There were few of us back in the day, in the early ‘90s in [New York’s] East Village — proponents of Victorian style. I’ve adopted a broader range of eras over the years. I don’t like “movements.” I follow my personal vision and am as thorough as I can be.

Q: Away from the band, you also toured with Nirvana, yes?

A: Yes, on their final tour, in Europe.

Q: Do you have any memories of that tour?

A: It was a strange situation, as I was very naive and inexperienced. Kurt [Cobain] was very special and very normal. His death said to me that fame kills, that fame is not healthy for a nice person. No one along for the ride with the biggest band in the land wanted to notice how bad off he was. Like “Emperor’s New Clothes,” look the other way.

Q: What was the last show of the tour like?

A: I don’t remember, but it was just before a little break in the tour [that] I spent in Prague — that was to be the next show. [Cobain] O.D.’d in Italy, and everything fell apart. Devastatingly sad.

Q: Why is your new CD “Unknown” only available as a CD and not online?

A: As a conceptual thing. Immediacy of music has made it throwaway, not valuable. If it’s exclusively physical, I bring back some value, some anticipation, some desire.

Q: Did it really take you only three weeks to make?

A: It really did. I was possessed by my subconscious, which felt like spirits at the time. I wasn’t concerned with releasing it, just making it. I was in my own world with superhuman focus.

Q: The theme of the CD is trauma. What does that mean?

A: I was damaged by some violations I didn’t — and still don’t — fully understand. My strong imagination took over. Anything was possible, and the Internet was the culprit. I didn’t know who I was talking to, but it turned out to be an unknown part of myself.

Out Now: Not Your Typical Victorians by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Out Now: Not Your Typical Victorians by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing


Miner 03:45


The UK’s biggest, loudest steamPUNK band return with their eagerly awaited third album Not Your Typical Victorians, the follow up to 2012’s This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed by Conventional Weapons. The album, delayed by over a year thanks to singer Andy Heintz throat cancer diagnosis, was recorded at London’s Livingston studios and is the sharpest, heaviest, funniest release yet from the four-piece which also features comedians Andrew O’Neill and Marc Burrows on guitar and bass, and London musical stalwart Jez Miller, alumnus of Lords of the New Church and Showgirls, on drums. The album is a unique Victorian slant on punk and metal, dealing with such subjects as doomed chimney sweeps, coughing miners, horrible sideshows and poisonous wives, all wrapped in the gin soaked smog of 19th Century London. Only with LOUD guitars.

released September 25, 2015

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015~

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015~

Once again Sepiachord is proud to be involved with Steampunk Hands Around the World:

Airship Ambassador Announcement – Steampunk Hands 2015


Image courtesy of Raydeen Graffam

The many expressions of steampunk are firmly rooted in individual creativity and are as boundless as people’s imagination. From every corner and continent on the globe, that vitality has seized attention and appreciation, changing the conventional into the exceptional.


For the second year, Steampunk Hands Around the World shares and celebrates the amazing and the extraordinary as several dozen steampunk creators – bloggers, authors, event organizers, and others – join in a month-long multi format presentation about the international connections and communications in the community, for steampunks and non-steampunks alike.


Image courtesy of Mr. XPK

Beginning Sunday, February 1st, and continuing until Saturday, February 28th, the group will demonstrate this year’s theme of Steampunk: Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop with how steampunks revel in their fun, their education, and their making of The Future That Never Was.


Steampunks, and everyone, will once again see how much we are connected, how our differences can enhance us all, and how every new opportunity we try gives us the potential to make new friends.

Image courtesy of Mr. XPK

The full and updated-daily list of participating websites, blogs and events will be posted in the kick-off blog on the Airship Ambassador blog site:

For more information, please contact Kevin Steil at

Sat Jan 17th~ The Carnivale Masquerade at Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium

Sat Jan 17th~ The Carnivale Masquerade at Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium~ Long Beach CA


“the irreverently perky Frenchy & the Punk, the eclectic and worldly Nathaniel Johnstone Band, the beats master Poplock Holmes and the melodically sensuous Unwoman”