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Artist: Sylvi Alli

CD: "Vessel"

Label: Vertical Pool


"Vessel" is Sylvi Alli's fifth CD since 2001, even after a brief listen you can hear that she's become a master of the studio.

Each track on this CD is carefully crafted and composed, there's a precision here in the markedly clear production. Yet she hasn't strangled the passion from her work with pointless studio gimmickry and flash.

The songs on "Vessel" seem to borrow equally from world music, new age and cinema scores. There aren't really any lyrics here, just vocal intonation and invocations. I'm at times, *simultaneously*, reminded of Enya and Diamanda Galas, which can be both a jarring and beautiful experience.

While this collection is beautiful it's also dark. Not as grim and disturbing as the work of Galas but neither does Alli give us those uplifting, soaring pop moments of Enya. "Vessel" is somewhere in the middle, somewhere fluttering and strange and, to be honesty, strangely inviting.

This isn't my normal cup of tea and I do get more than my fair share of CDs like this to review.
Most of them leave me cold, underwhelmed.
Not "Vessels", I was drawn in quickly and have enjoyed every listen I've given this recording.


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