Wikipedia deletes Steampunk music category

Wikipedia deletes Steampunk music category~

Category:Steampunk music

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This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.
From Jonny B. Goode‘s post on the Facebook Music for Steampunks group:
“For some reason, Wikipedia decided to delete the category “Steampunk Music.” They also apparently didn’t inform any of the regular steampunk genre moderators (myself included) that this was even up for a vote.

I am attempting to rectify this. Although I’ll concede that steampunk music itself is not really definable, I’m currently seeing if a “Steampunk Musicians” category could be created in its place.”

Update from Jonny B. Goode
“I’ve readded the category of Steampunk music, and posted on the main Steampunk talk page for all the regular established mods to see. We’ll see where this goes. But as some of you know, I’m no stranger to Wikipedia battles.”

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